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23 delicious homemade cupcake recipes

25 mayo, 2021

As the saying goes “the best comes in small portions”.
23 delicious homemade cupcake recipes.

Learn about the best recipes for homemade cupcakes to give to that special person or to your friends, this February 14 or any day. Because small details count a lot.

History of cupcakes

This variation of the traditional cake appeared in the United States in the 19th century, but reached its popularity in the 21st century. Its name means “cup cake”, referring to the fact that at the beginning they used to be prepared in individual clay cups.

Many people often confuse them with muffins but they are not the same, cupcakes are different because they can have filling, they are always decorated and the batter is not mixed.

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Anatomy of a cupcake

  1. Base: The main ingredients of the dough are flour, butter, egg and sugar.
  2. Extra flavor: Any ingredient that will give the main flavor to the dough.
  3. Coverage: The decoration can be whipped cream, icing sugar, some jam, fruit, bitumen, fondant, etc.
  4. Capsules or cups
How to prepare homemade cupcakes.

Homemade colored cupcakes.

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Basic tips to prepare homemade cupcakes

  • Take care of the temperature of your oven, if you do not know well how it heats, preheat to the maximum and then lower to the one indicated in the recipe.
  • The ingredients should be at room temperature, for those that need refrigeration just take them out a couple of minutes before starting to cook. ANDThis prevents the butter from clumping or the egg taking a long time to incorporate
  • Stop beating the moment you see that all the ingredients are already integrated, if you exceed the mixing time you can cause your cupcakes to be more compact and not have as smooth as they should.
  • When beating, use gentle speeds so that the flour is better stirred.
  • Don’t forget to sift the flour well before preparing your cupcakes.

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  • Try to fill 2/3 of the molds or cups, we recommend using an ice cream scoop to pour the dough and make your cupcakes the same size.
  • If your oven is small, bake the trays one at a time, if you saturate it, the cooking can be uneven.
  • Do not open the oven until at least 12 minutes have passed or when the recipe tells you.
  • Check the toothpick and fork so you don’t overdo the cooking time.
  • Before disassembling, let them rest for 5 minutes in the mold or tray.
  • Decorate to your liking, always choosing ingredients that combine well.

And after preparing some delicious cupcakes, we invite you to prepare these brownies:

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