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23 breakfast recipes with fried eggs

25 mayo, 2021

The crashed eggs They are one of our favorites for family breakfast. But, did you know that there are many ways to prepare them?

Being one of the most traditional breakfasts, Mexican and international culinary inventiveness has made fried eggs a great diversity of delicious dishes that are very easy to prepare.

Today we share 23 recipes for you to prepare for breakfast, and that will undoubtedly help you start your day in a good mood and in a delicious way.

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How to make scrambled eggs to perfection

There is always a first time and it is very normal that we decide to scramble the crashed egg, especially because the yolk breaks.

But today we are going to give you some good tips with which there will be no failure and you will have a perfect, round and delicious starry egg:

Choose a good skillet

clean teflon

(Photo: Getty Images)

This is the basic principle for your egg to form small. It must be in good condition, that is, without the worn Teflon.

You can also use a stainless steel pan with a suitable amount of grease, covering its entire surface.

We recommend using a small pan, so it will be easier for the egg to form and you will also use less oil in its preparation.

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Break the shell


(Photo: Getty Images)

You don’t need to make a big hole. It is enough that you hit 3 times on one edge, bring the egg to the pan and, delicately, open it and let it fall.

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Be careful with the yolk

Cook egg

(Photo: Getty Images)

To prevent the yolk from breaking, drop the egg in the pan at a low height, and slowly. Don’t be afraid of the sizzling oil. In fact, you are more likely to burn yourself if you drop the egg from above.

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Flipped scrambled eggs

sweet potatoes stuffed with fried egg

If you want your egg to have the yolk cooked, you must be more careful. When turning it over, it must be very delicately to avoid breaking it.

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Lower the fire

Tips for making scrambled eggs

Tips for making scrambled eggs (Photo: Getty Images)

If you see that the edges are very golden, we recommend that you lower the heat level so that both the white and the yolk are kept with the ideal texture and avoid overcooking.

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