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22 quick and easy desserts to sweeten Christmas

21 mayo, 2021

Soon we will be fully involved in Parties, so it is time to finalize the purchases and finish retouching the celebration menus that we have ahead. Surely you have already controlled the appetizers, the starters and the main course, but have you forgotten to think about dessert? Don’t you have more sweets than the nougat and polvorones from the company’s basket? It’s okay, you still have time to offer a homemade sweet bite with these 21 quick and easy desserts to sweeten Christmas.

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At this point, no one is aware that I have a sweet tooth and it is rare that I do not have several sweet options in mind when a special occasion arrives, but I am not in favor of getting too complicated preparing a complicated dessert when there are so many things to do at Christmas. And most importantly: you have to enjoy and share these good times without stress.. So the best option is to prepare a simple and not very laborious dessert that we can make in a moment.

Chocolate balls with apricot and orange

Sweet Balls1

We start with special ideas for chocoaddicts, because there is nothing like a good chocolate fudge to end the perfect evening. These chocolate balls with apricot and orange can be made even by the smallest ones, once we have the dough ready to form. They can be made more or less large, although we warn that they are addictive.

We put the oats in a food processor and blend until we get a coarse flour. In a bowl we mix the cashew butter with the honey. Add the cocoa powder and mix well.

Add the oats, the chopped apricots, the orange zest and the salt and work with your hands until everything is together. We keep the mixture for ten minutes in the fridge. We form balls and batter them in sesame.

Wait for Murcian

Hold on

Sometimes traditional baking can also be surprising. The aguardentaos, a typical Christmas sweet from the Region of Murcia, are as simple as they are exquisite. They only have oil burned with lemon, scalded flour, anise, sugar and cinnamon. Very humble ingredients that prove that they once knew how to take advantage of what was in the pantry to create lasting memories.

Katharine Hepburn Brownie

Brownie sweets

A good brownie It is a cake in smaller portions than if we accompany it with ice cream and some fruits, it becomes a luxury dessert. The famous actress made this brownie recipe legendary and all your guests will want to learn it too when they try it. The key: do not go overboard with the oven, they have to be moist inside their delicious interior.

The perfect chocolate mousse

Sweets Mousse

A mousse It is always a more elegant and sophisticated dessert, although in reality it is not complex to prepare it at home. The spongy texture is perfect to enjoy chocolate in a much lighter bite, which we can enrich by adding some red fruits or decorate with fresh mint leaves. Once you know the perfect chocolate mousse recipe, you can make the variations that come to mind.

Eggless chocolate custard

Custard Sweets

Have you run out of eggs? Are there allergies to this ingredient among your guests? Don’t panic, with this recipe for egg-free chocolate custard you will succeed at dessert time. Simple and fast, the end result is a creamy texture with intense flavor a chocolate that will delight everyone.

Quick Chocolate Oreo Cookie Cake

Oreo Cake Sweets

If you prefer to entertain the family with a pie For serving at the table, portioned on the spot, this Chocolate Oreo Cookie Cake is a great choice. Quick to make, it is not very sweet and we can also play with the upper decoration as we please, using for example some Christmas motifs or fruits.

Gypsy arm

Gypsy Arm

The gypsy arm is one of those sweets that everyone likes, it takes zero commas to have ready and gives a lot of itself. The most authentic and delicious recipe for gitano arm is the basic formula of a flat Genoese sponge cake filled with jam and sprinkled with sugar. Just like that, because you don’t need frills to arouse passions.

Lemon bites

Lemon Sweets

We now turn to proposals where the protagonist is the fruit, a good alternative in case we have guests who are less friends with chocolate. Lemon bites are a very elegant delicacy when served in a platter, and they are also refreshing and very pleasant after a too large meal.

Apple compote flan

Custard Apple Sweets

Ideal for seize apples Very ripe or remnants of compote that we have left in the fridge, this flan does not have any complications and can be prepared hours in advance before unmolding. We can choose a large mold in the shape that we like the most, or for individual portions.

Christmas macaroons


The Christmas holidays tempt us with a multitude of sweets for all tastes, but if there is one ingredient that stands out above all, it is undoubtedly the almond. Our most traditional recipe book knows how to get the most out of it and the Christmas macaroons are a good example of this. It is a humble sweet, but exquisite, and that does not involve great difficulty.

Sweet orange and date salad

Narnajas Salad Sweets

Citrus fruits are at their best and they have a very Christmas aroma if we combine it with other flavors, such as honey and nuts. This orange and date salad is simple but visually appealing, and it’s a lightweight alternative to more caloric and heavy desserts.

Pears in puff pastry stuffed with walnuts

Sweet Pears

Another very seasonal fruit are pears, sometimes forgotten when cooking. With a good puff pastry and a nut filling we will have a very attractive and comforting dessert that will be irresistible accompanied by vanilla ice cream. We will use smaller pears if the menu is consistent, and we can adjust the filling a bit to taste.

Individual cottage cheese and sautéed strawberry flans

Sweet Custards

The flan is a traditional dessert that everyone likes and that we can modify to give it a more special spin, as in this recipe with cottage cheese and sautéed strawberries. The good thing is that we can prepare them in any individual mold, even silicone cupcakes or muffins, and use different cheeses with a similar texture such as mató or ricotta.

Maria cookie cream and caramel

Cream Maria sweets

The desserts in a glass or spoon I find them perfect for parties. They can be made in advance without a problem, are quick and easy to serve, and are much lighter than other options. An example is this original maría cookie cream and caramel, a combination of flavors that will take you back to childhood.

Christmas punch


Christmas punch is a creamy drink that is usually drunk on this date, as well as on New Years and Thanksgiving, in the United States and Canada. It started out as just a mixture of milk with eggs and sugar, but successive modifications were added, including adding alcohol. Today it is also a popular dessert that brightens the end of the party.

Strawberry cream cheese glasses

Sweet Cups

That a dessert in a glass is impressive is something that cannot be denied, and we have these delights of cream cheese and strawberry to prove it. With its presentation and taste it is surprising that we hardly need few ingredients and no effort to prepare them.

Cava mousse

Mousse Cava

The sparkling like cava and champagne are essential during Christmas, although sometimes we have a few bottles left over. Why not turn it into a dessert? This cava mousse is very festive, light and also very versatile. Add whatever decorative touches you can think of to create nice contrasts.

Yogurt and gooseberry pannacotta

Pannacotta sweets

Red fruits have always seemed very Christmas to me, especially the gooseberries, which also beautifully decorate a dessert like this yogurt pannacotta. By changing the most common ingredient, which is usually cooked cream, we get a more digestive and light alternative, with a very pleasant texture.

Mango Fake Tiramisu Cups

Sweets Cup

A few good glasses or glasses, a creamy cheese, cookies or biscuits and fruit, we hardly need anything else to create a ideal dessert for Christmas. These glasses of fake mango tiramisu will appeal to the whole family, and can be adapted to use another very sweet fruit that is more to our liking.

Hindu gulab jamun

Gulab sweets

To really surprise nothing like a different dessert with a strange name, like this gulab jamun from India. Easy, original and full of flavor, it is very simple and has exotic aromas that are perfect to put the finishing touch to a feast with less traditional dishes. If you like spicy flavors, you will love this dessert.

Puff pastry and sweet potato bites with orange blossom

Sweet Snacks

Again we turn to the versatile puff pastry to prepare some snacks filled with sweet potato and orange blossom that you will surely want to repeat. Sweet potato is a perfect substitute for typical angel hair fillings, of which I confess little friend, and it also has a very pleasant creamy texture when cooked or roasted. Orange blossom combines wonderfully with its winter flavor.

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Chocolate and caramel nougat

Chocolate Nougat

We love classic Christmas sweets, but also discover new combinations and recipes like this chocolate and caramel nougat with a touch of fleur de sel. It has always seemed to us that chocolate and caramel marry perfectly, but if we add a touch of fleur de sel then things take us to another dimension. The salt enhances the flavors of the rest of the ingredients and the result is sublime.

We hope that this compilation of 22 quick and easy desserts to sweeten Christmas has inspired you with simple ideas to prepare throughout these days. They are perfect recipes to always have on hand and prepare at home or to take away when we are the guests. Your family and friends will appreciate the little extra effort of preparing a homemade dessert.

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