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22 irresistible strawberry shortcake recipes to celebrate its season

21 mayo, 2021

The strawberries reach the market before each time but for me they are still a fruit that celebrates spring. Now that winter is lagging behind, more pleasant temperatures await us with longer days in which to enjoy nature in all its splendor. What if we celebrate it with a good strawberry shortcake?

In my house, strawberries always have something festive because it is a time when we celebrate several birthdays with cakes in which they are the protagonists. Strawberries and strawberries are ideal to show off with desserts of all kinds, and we have many different strawberry shortcake recipes perfect for any occasion. What is your favorite?

Seven recipes with strawberries to brighten up your desserts with seasonal products

Cheesecake in a small glass without oven

1. Glazed Strawberry Shortcake

Glazed Strawberry Shortcake

We love strawberry tarts because they are naturally sweet and have a delicious aroma, but they also look beautiful in a good dessert. And we can make them be even more colorful with a simple final step, as in this Glazed Strawberry Shortcake. That shine makes them totally irresistible, and does not camouflage their flavor.

This time we will prepare a base sucrée dough, basic preparation of French pastries to which it also adds a touch scented with vanilla and rum. To achieve a category result, it is preferable to look for high quality strawberries, at the right point of ripeness and small in size. We leave you the recipe right here:

For the sucrée dough we will add the flour and the salt in a bowl making a volcano, then we add the butter in pieces together with the icing sugar, we will rub with the tips of the fingers until it forms some crumbs, we add the egg, the rum and the interior of the vanilla bean, and add it to the butter and sugar dough. Next we are introducing the flour to the wet ingredients and forming some crumbs that we finally unite in a ball of dough. Let it rest wrapped in film in the fridge for about thirty minutes. We preheat the oven to 180 degrees and soak the gelatin sheets in cold water. We roll out the dough on a lightly floured surface and place it in the removable cake mold cutting out the leftovers, we finish covering it with a piece of greaseproof paper and some weight-bearing vegetables, we bake it for fifteen minutes. Once the time has passed, we remove the legumes and continue to bake another fifteen minutes in white. We booked. Then we will wash and remove the tails from the strawberries and place them in a bowl. Boil the strawberry jam for five minutes with five tablespoons of water and the lemon juice, and pour it over the strawberries, letting it rest for ten minutes. We drain the gelatin sheets from the water and melt them in a glass in the microwave. We beat until the liquid cream is firm and we reserve. In a salad bowl we beat the mascarpone with the icing sugar until we see a homogeneous mixture, we add the gelatin gently melted and we add the whipped cream. Pour this mixture into the bottom of the cake base, decorate with the glazed strawberries and leave a minimum of two hours in the fridge for the filling to take shape. At the time of serving we decorate with mint leaves.

Complete recipe | Glazed Strawberry Shortcake

2. Cottage cheese cake with strawberries

Requeson cake

This Strawberry Cottage Cheese Pie isn’t perfect looking, but it’s that rustic air what makes it pretty. But in addition, it is very simple and it is very tasty, since it is not only eaten with the eyes, and if there is no flavor there is no dessert.

This cottage cheese cake, typical of the cattle towns, It does not have a base and is baked directly in the mold. You will be surprised by its texture and lightness.

Complete recipe | Cottage cheese cake with strawberries

3. Simple strawberry cake

Simple Strawberry Shortcake

If you are looking for a cake with which to look good but want to complicate the minimum, this simple strawberry cake is your recipe. With basic ingredients That you already have at home, its preparation essentially consists of beating, rolling out the dough and distributing the strawberries.

With a crunchy on the outside that contrasts with the mellowness of the fruit, it can be a perfect dessert or snack for any day of the week. It is also one of those sweets that can be elevated with the presentation in a thousand ways, because whipped cream, a fruit sauce, melted chocolate, vanilla ice cream, or whatever comes to mind.

Complete recipe | Simple strawberry cake

4. Strawberry and yogurt cake

Strawberry and Yogurt Tart

When you buy or prepare shortcrust dough, you want to have plenty to try this strawberry and yogurt cake. The filling in this case consists of a mixture of Greek yogurt, milk, almonds and a touch of orange, ingredients that harmonize wonderfully with the softness of strawberries.

It is undoubtedly a simple cake but with a result that surprises by the delicacy of its texture, which improves even more if it is left to rest for a few hours in the fridge. Of course, it is better not to serve it too cold or its flavor will not be fully appreciated.

Complete recipe | Strawberry and yogurt cake

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5. Cream cheese mousse cake with strawberry interior

Strawberry Mousse Cake

Now we go with one of those recipes with which leave everyone with their mouths open. This cream cheese mousse cake with a strawberry interior seems like a complex challenge but, when you read the preparation, you will see that it really is not that difficult. But the best thing is that the result will make you look like pastry masters.

It is a semi-cold style cake, a sweet and fresh snack that is perfect for warmer days. The contrast of textures and colors Not only is it beautiful on the table, it is also a delight that everyone will love. You just have to take the necessary time calmly so as not to accelerate the steps and respect the rest.

Complete recipe | Cream cheese mousse cake with strawberry interior

6. Strawberry pear tart

Strawberry and Pear Tart

I usually prepare the cakes style foot, the classic united states, in autumn and winter, but the truth is that they are also great to fill with more spring and summer fruits. In this case we have a romantic strawberry and pear cake with the homemade dough that is a temptation for any time of the year.

We can avoid the hearts of the upper layer if we do not want the romantic touch, using other molds or simply stretching the dough without further ado. The strawberry filling can be varied to taste, adding apple, peaches, apricots or berries. Complete recipe | Strawberry and pear tart

7. Magic vanilla strawberry cake

Magic Strawberry Cake

The so-called magic cakes receive this name because they offer various textures in the final finish no need to prepare different layers separately. This magical strawberry vanilla cake does just that: a sponge cake, cream filling, and a final layer of topping.

And it’s all accomplished by simply mixing the dough and baking it whole in one go. The magic is produced in the oven and we only have the patience to respect the rest in the fridge to enjoy it to the fullest.

Complete recipe | Magic vanilla strawberry cake

8. Strawberry cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake

Do you fancy a sweet but you hesitate between the classic sponge cake and a cheese cake or fruit? Well, the solution could be in this strawberry cheesecake, which starts from an idea as simple as it is delicious. First, a classic butter sponge cake base is prepared and then finished off with a layer of cream cheese.

So we have a pastel in two very simple textures which contrasts wonderfully with the addition of fresh strawberries. In this case, I would use specimens without ripening too much, but with a good aroma, to balance the sweetness of the cake with the acidity of the fruit.

Complete recipe | Strawberry cheesecake

9. White chocolate and strawberry mousse cake

Strawberry tart with white chocolate

I admit that the White chocolate It is not my saint of devotion, but I do consider that it is a fantastic ingredient in pastry and pastry preparations. It also combines wonderfully with colorful and aromatic fruits, such as strawberries.

This White Chocolate Strawberry Mousse Tart has a soft, honeyed texture that will delight any sweet tooth, without being too cloying. A hint of fresh blueberries add more color and a super tart touch to finish off the ensemble.

Complete recipe | White chocolate mousse cake and strawberries

10. Strawberry iced cheesecakes

Strawberry Cheesecakes

We take back the cheesecake inspiration with these rich strawberry frosted cheesecakes that are ideal for the warmer days to come. On individual format they look great and are more comfortable to serve, also to seduce guests.

The classic cookie base also has ground hazelnut, which adds a lot of flavor, and the frozen filling is creamy and soft thanks to the cream cheese combined with the cream and the crushed strawberries. You can combine them with raspberries or currants if you want a more acid flavor.

Complete recipe | Strawberry iced cheesecakes

11. Strawberry shortcake with vanilla cream

Strawberry Cream Pie

I consider the delicious strawberry cake with vanilla cream a classic of pastry with this fruit. The first birthday that I dared to prepare my own cake I made a similar version, although not nearly as lucid and perfect as that of my partner Esther, a true candy artist.

Actually the cake is not difficult at all and we saved a good step by using purchased shortcrust dough. A layer of vanilla cream on top of which the strawberries are arranged. With gelatin we can give them more shine so that the result is even more attractive and has that finish worthy of the best pastry shops.

Complete recipe | Strawberry shortcake with vanilla cream

12. Almond cake and strawberry jam

Almond and strawberry cake

Anglo-Saxon pastries are full of cakes They do not correspond exactly to our cakes, but neither do they present the complexity of a multi-layered and textured cake. However, a recipe like this almond cake and strawberry jam is so succulent that it is perfect to serve as dessertEven better if we accompany it with ice cream, cream or some strawberries macerated with orange juice.

The ideal is to use homemade strawberry jam, although …