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21 fruit smoothies with combinations for all tastes (and which season is best for each one)

21 mayo, 2021

We will always defend that the best way to enjoy fruit is natural, whole and preferably with skin, but the homemade smoothies they are also an occasional option to consider. Healthier than juices, they are also more satiating and they can be as nutritious as they are tasty. In order not to fall into the routine and increase our daily fruit intake, we have many ideas to take advantage of seasonal products with all kinds of combinations and flavors.

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We call shake to any crushed preparation that combines fruits and other vegetables with other liquid or dairy ingredients, being able to incorporate a multitude of additives. English speakers distinguish between milkshake Y smoothie, the first being the most traditional shake, the typical one we saw in those diners Hollywood movie classics, with lots of milk and usually ice cream.

The smoothies They aim to offer a thicker and creamier drink with many more ingredients, no longer ice cream, but often with frozen items that are directly crushed to achieve that denser texture. They are associated with a healthy diet, because many recipes add greens, vegetables and the so-called superfoods that seek to increase nutritional benefits: açaí, turmeric, chia seeds, maca, spirulina, etc.

Fruit shake

Needless to say there are no miracle shakes or detox, although it is always interesting to enhance the nutrients in our homemade drinks. But if what we are looking for are really appetizing smoothies, for breakfast, snack or even dessert, we only have to bet on top quality ingredients.

The fruit at its optimum point of ripeness, aromatic and tasty, is the key to preparing homemade smoothies. From there it already goes a little personal taste, combining it with other varieties or simply mashing it with milk or a vegetable drink. So that the blender does not accumulate cobwebs in the closet, we give you many ideas of recipes with fruit to prepare smoothies this season.


Peach Smoothie

Thanks to the different varieties and that it is grown in different regions of our country, the delicious peach is on the market from the beginning of summer until well into autumn. We can also freeze it, peeled and cut into pieces, to continue preparing smoothies as rich as this one all year long. If you have a powerful mixer and don’t mind finding little bits of skin, you can grind it without peeling, but well washed.

Creamy Peach and Yogurt Smoothie

Wash the peaches well and pat dry. Peel and chop them, discarding the bones. Place them in a freezer bag and put them in the freezer for at least one hour.

Beat the Greek yogurt with a few sticks and mix it with a little agave syrup or honey (optional, not necessary if the fruit is sweet and aromatic). Place the frozen peach in a blender or blender and begin to grind. Add the yogurt and lemon juice and continue chopping until you get a homogeneous texture.

Add a little milk or orange juice, little by little, if it is too thick, beating well. Serve immediately or store in an airtight container in the fridge.

Taurus Optima Magnum Jug blender, 1000 W, 1.5 L, stainless steel

Taurus Optima Magnum Jug blender, 1000 W, 1.5 L, stainless steel


The national avocado production begins just at the end of the summer and will last until well into the spring. We love to use it, when it is already well mature -but not past-, in recipes where we look for creaminess and extra nutrients. Its color may not be the most suitable, aesthetically, to combine with ingredients that are not also green, but once you try it, prejudices disappear.

Avocado Smoothies

We can enjoy its properties in recipes such as this avocado smoothie with strawberries and cheese, which is almost a dessert that we could devour by the spoonful. To make it healthier you just have to skip honey and use unsweetened yogurt, adding natural strawberries when possible, or frozen. With raspberries it would also be delicious.

Another option is the avocado smoothie with pear and kiwi, which also adds the nutrients of the oat bran and the taste of coconut and ginger. Again, we can omit the honey, especially since the banana will already give us enough sweetness.



Autumn is also the best season to enjoy the best national mangoes in all their splendor. This delicious fruit, with pure tropical flavor, is perfect for preparing fresh, aromatic and very tasty shakes and smoothies, with the natural sweetness of its juicy pulp.

To enhance that exotic side of the fruit, we can prepare a indian style milkshake, the yogurt and mango lassi that is also flavored with saffron and cardamom. And this smoothie bowl can be adapted to a mango and banana smoothie with seeds by correcting the texture by adding milk, water or liquid yogurt.

How to Peel and Cut a Mango (Without Getting Dirty)


We have apples all year round, although depending on the time they will have traveled more or less kilometers to reach our market. In the cooler months we have more and more variety of seasonal apples much tastier, and they can give a lot of play when combining them in smoothies. We can choose between apples that are more acidic, such as green ones, and the sweetest ones, such as gray pippin.


The varieties crisper and fresher, like a red Pink Lady type, they will help to blend and soften the flavor of vegetables like those in this green smoothie, with spinach, kale and celery. More sweet is the apple smoothie with kiwi and orange juice, but we can also return to the fresh tropical flavors with the Granny Smith apple smoothie with pineapple and mint.

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Moulinex Blend & Go LM1B1D10 300 W tumbler blender, includes transportable 750 ml bottle, 4-blade system, stainless steel finishes



The summer melons will last almost until Christmas, thanks to late harvests and, above all, to the postharvest, as it is a fruit that lasts in perfect condition for many weeks if it is stored well. If you have tired of eating it natural -or with ham-, it is time to put it in the blender.

You can use toad skin, cantaloupe, gaia or any variety you like. All melons are very rich in water and their flavor combines wonderfully with all kinds of food, also salty, so it is not a bad idea to mash it with a touch of creamy cheese.


Without going through the freezer we can adapt an ice cream recipe healthy to drink directly as a melon, mango and banana smoothie. And if you want to show off a little more, try this melon and fruit smoothie-soup, with a very colorful presentation and the creaminess of melon combined with yogurt.


Watermelon has similar qualities, with even more water and a less creamy texture, more crunchy in its pulp. Using this fruit in our smoothies we will have to add less amount of liquid, and the texture that will remain will be perfect to turn them into ice creams, popsicles or slushies, if we use ice or if we freeze it.

We also love our slushie recipe as a watermelon and lemon smoothie, skipping that ice and optionally adding a little thick yogurt or coconut milk. Try swapping the lemon for a lime or enriching it with banana, strawberries or raspberries.


Digestive, light, aromatic and sweet, pineapple is a fantastic fruit to add to our smoothies, because it also adds a very appetizing creamy texture. Eliminate the central trunk, which is very hard, and add more or less pineapple as you want a more intense flavor.


Try it in a smoothie recipe full of flavors like this one with pineapple, tangerine and ginger, or in the most tropical smoothie with pineapple, mango and coconut water. The two recipes lend themselves to making adjustments to taste, with more ginger if you like the peculiar flavor of this root, or using fresh mint leaves to serve.

Moulinex Perfect Mix + LM811D - 1200 W tumbler blender, glass stainless steel exterior finishes, backlit speed selector, 3 programs, manual and autoclean mode

Moulinex Perfect Mix + LM811D – 1200 W tumbler blender, glass stainless steel exterior finishes, backlit speed selector, 3 programs, manual and autoclean mode


Grape Smoothie

Grapes had the disadvantage of their seeds, something annoying when crushing them for a smoothie, but nowadays there are many varieties that do not have them. They are very sweet, full of water and with the thin skin, and its juicy pulp it can also surprise us in a smoothie. And they can also be crushed if we previously freeze them.

Try adding a handful of grains seedless grape to any recipe you like, or go for this recipe for a grape smoothie with banana, yogurt and a touch of vanilla. With ground cinnamon it will also be great.

Blueberries and red berries

It has been a long time since we can easily find trays of blueberries and raspberries, also currants and blackberries, in any supermarket, which are also in season. They’re a flavor and nutrient bomb, perfect to pour directly into the blender glass and enjoy delicious smoothies.

Red Fruit Smoothie

The blueberries They are usually liked more for their sweet taste, their curious bluish color and their juicy texture, seedless and very thin skin. They are perfect in very creamy smoothies, like this one with banana, yogurt and rolled oats, turned into a dessert by adding cream and jam. To take more daily or at breakfast, we can do without both and simply take it with extra natural yogurt.

With a mixture of red fruits we add more color and a more acidic and fresh touch, playing with the proportion of raspberries, currants and blackberries. Simply crushed with milk and yogurt They already offer us a delicious smoothie, and we can use a mixture that is sold frozen to save us washing the fruit, and achieve a thicker and fresher texture. In this red fruit and mango smoothie recipe we also play with a very striking presentation.

Nutribullet MBR-0328 - High Speed ​​Compact 0.53 L Glass Blender for Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies, BPA Free Plastic, 200 W, Spanish Recipe Book, Dishwasher Safe, Gray

Nutribullet MBR-0328 – High Speed ​​Compact 0.53 L Glass Blender for Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies, BPA Free Plastic, 200 W, Spanish Recipe Book, Dishwasher Safe, Gray



Many of the shakes and smoothies included here have the banana as an ingredient, and it is a fantastic fruit for these preparations. Available all year round, nutritious and sweet, its particular creamy texture is ideal for thickening smoothies and …