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2 very Mexican Thanksgiving dishes

24 mayo, 2021

Every fourth Thursday in November the Thanksgiving Day in United States. This, of course, is accompanied by traditions such as a parade, with the start of the shopping season and, of course, with a delicious meal consisting of delicious dishes.

And it may surprise you to know that two of the most traditional dishes of this North American holiday have Mexican origin. Can you guess which ones? Sure! The famous turkey and pumpkin pie, popularly known in the United States as pumpkin pie.

But how did these dishes get to American tables? We will explain it to you.

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How Thanksgiving came about

Turkey: a practical guide to prepare it

Turkey is one of the emblematic dishes of Thanksgiving Day

This date, like many others in different cultures, celebrates the good harvests of the year. However, on Thanksgiving Day, (which in English in Thanksgiving) originates from a group of English pilgrims.

These pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock on December 11, 1620, fleeing the terrible religious persecution in the United Kingdom.

When they arrived in the United States, they had to go through a terrible winter. However, the following year, they got a good harvest from the seeds they planted.

They decided to celebrate it with a big dinner and invited the native Indians who had helped them survive the first year.

The pilgrims went hunting for meat, finding turkeys on their expedition, which they knew as turkeys, because they were mistaken for a very similar bird of Turkish origin.

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They also found pumpkins, which were very good in that territory.

You should know that they not only prepared these foods, but also others such as fish, wild berries, nuts, corn, plums and even venison.

However, the dishes that took on a traditional character for this celebration were turkey and pumpkin pie that, to this day, continue to occupy the center of the table of American families.

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Why is Mexico not celebrating the Thanksgiving?

Recipe pumpkin pie with dough edge

Although the echo of this celebration reaches Mexico, it is not a date that stands out in our calendar.

According to Andrés Medina, ethnologist at the UNAM Institute of Anthropological Research, “we do not celebrate Thanksgiving because we are not newly arrived pilgrims, our heritage and identity are permeated by the millenary Mesoamerican civilization.”

However, this celebration does not stop having a Mexican stamp, as it contains gastronomic elements typical of our culture.

So, now that we spend more time at home and we can be grateful to be with our families, you can take the opportunity to prepare a delicious turkey and also a delicious pumpkin pie.

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