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19 recipes with coffee for the most coffee growers

25 mayo, 2021

Many people are unable to start the day without a good morning coffee, but true lovers of this drink love its taste so much that they like it in all kinds of preparations. For them we have prepared this collection of 19 recipes with coffee for the most coffee growers.

Main courses with coffee

Chicken Thighs Onions Cafe

Coffee is a common dessert, being the coffee flan the most popular, but can also be used in savory dishes. An example is this recipe for pork tenderloin in coffee with a spicy touch of chilli or juicy chicken thighs with onions in coffee.

Desserts with coffee

Tiramisu Tx Dap

We arrived at natural ground of coffee: sweet recipes. The possibilities in this area are many, many, so we have chosen to make a varied selection so that everyone can find a recipe to their liking:

Chocolate and coffee, a winning combination

Choco Cafe cake 210 816 0001 2

If there is another flavor that has as many followers as coffee, it is chocolate, so if we combine both in a single recipe, we have a guaranteed success. Here are a few ideas:

Specialty coffees

Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Spiced Pumpkin Latte Recipe

The coffee with milk in the morning and the cut after eating are very good, but there are days that we need a special coffee that lifts our spirits, and for that, nothing like any of the following:

And so this selection of 19 recipes with coffee for the most coffee growers that I hope you have enjoyed. What would be your suggestions? Any recipe that never fails?

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