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19 complete menus with all the ideas you need for Christmas 2019

22 mayo, 2021

The Christmas Eve dinner and the Christmas and San Esteban meals are approaching and in many houses the nerves for the organization of Christmas banquets have already begun, one of the first being the choice of the menu. For this reason, today we have prepared 19 complete menus, 19 ideas for your Christmas menu that can help inspire you with yours.

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Although we have put some simple menus and others more complete, including also ideas for vegetarians, gluten or lactose intolerant, most of our proposals include one or two appetizers, a starter, a main course of meat or fish and some dessert. Of course you can take ideas from one or another menu or mix them to configure yours. Happy Holidays to all.

1. Traditional turkey menu

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2. Traditional baked fish menu

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3. Traditional meat roast menu


4. Traditional roast lamb menu


5. Traditional menu with stuffed poulard

Stuffed Pularda

6. Traditional menu of hake in green sauce

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7. Traditional roast suckling pig menu


8. Traditional menu of fish and baked potatoes

Fish Potatoes
  • Appetizers: Gulas al ajillo are the best substitute for the very expensive eels, the traditional Christmas dish that we fancy at this time.
  • Incoming: Fish soup, a traditional spoon dish, ideal for this menu in which seafood is the protagonist
  • Main dish: In this menu based on fish, we are going to serve as main a hake with baked potatoes cooked in the oven until it is just done.
  • Dessert: For dessert, we are going to prepare some homemade Christmas Marquesas

9. Traditional menu of stuffed lamb

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10. Traditional menu of hake neck

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11. Traditional menu with round of veal


12. Traditional menu with fish

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  • Appetizers: Tuna paté made in the microwave, perfect to spread on small toasts when starting the menu.
  • Incoming Seafood salpicón, a classic that always returns to our tables at this time of year and can be prepared in advance.
  • Main dish: Another of the Christmas classics is the baked sea bream, a dish that recalls all the culinary traditions of the time.
  • Dessert: We suggest that you make a nougat Bavarois, an impressive recipe that is used to produce nougat.

13. Menu rancid ancestry

Fillet Wellington
  • Appetizers: for this menu, which transports us to a Christmas Eve of bygone times, it is essential to have some canapés. It is essential to also serve good sausages and, if desired, a smoked table.
  • Incoming: The old-fashioned starter par excellence is the prawn cocktail, which, well prepared, is a delight.
  • Main dish: To finish off our old-fashioned menu, there is nothing better than serving the legendary sirloin Wellington as a main course, which we can also accompany with some soufflé potatoes.
  • Dessert: As dessert we can choose a Christmas log, in addition to the classic nougat, marzipan, polovorones and other Christmas sweets.

14. More carnivorous traditional menu

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  • Appetizers: As an aperitif we have chosen a steak tartare and some confit leek croquettes.
  • Incoming A very warm chicken soup is ideal to start eating after the appetizers and by not filling us up too much, it will allow us to arrive at the main dish with an appetite.
  • Main dish: A Christmas classic, the beef tenderloin, this time comes served with a very special sauce. The recipe for Beef Sirloin in red wine will be one of the winners this Christmas, you’ll see.
  • Dessert: You have to try these Hazelnut Mantecados, ideal to finish off the menu.

15. Light menu based on fish dishes

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16. Menu for a different Christmas Eve

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17. Christmas vegetarian menu

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If your option is vegetarian, we have a great menu for you to enjoy as a family.

18. Lactose-free menu for Christmas

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19. Gluten-free menu for the Christmas holidays

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With these seventeen menus, you have 19 ideas that combined will give you hundreds of possibilities to make your own Christmas menu depending on your family circumstances. Enjoy Christmas and holidays and remember to eat and especially drink in moderation. Happy Holidays to all.

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