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19 burger recipes for all tastes

27 mayo, 2021

The combination of its flavors makes it simply irresistible, and it’s hard to imagine it could be more delicious. However, with these 19 burger recipes We show you that this dish can improve by a lot.

Best of all, these burger recipes that we share work for all tastes, so you will find a wide variety of flavors and textures. You are going to crave them all!

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Origin of hamburgers

The history of this dish goes back to the German city of Hamburg, where a steak made from ground beef, known as “Hamburg-style steak”, quickly became popular.

During the s. XIX a large number of Germans emigrated to the United States, where it is believed that this steak began to be eaten between two loaves, and that it became a fashion in the town of Hamburg, located in New York.

The hamburger quickly became one of the most popular foods, due to its ease of preparation and because the industrialization of the time favored its production.

The brothers Richard and Maurice Macdonald are responsible for the hamburger becoming the queen of fast food, after opening their first restaurant in 1940, specializing in the preparation of this dish.

Hamburger meat

Hamburger meat

Curiosities about the hamburger

  • For US Americans, the hamburger is a type of sandwich, the only difference being the circular ground beef.
  • The most popular meat to make a hamburger is beef. It is estimated that 80% of hamburgers are prepared with this meat.
  • The Heart Attack Grill restaurant, located in Las Vegas, offers the “World’s Baddest Burger” and not because of its taste, but because of its calorie content of approximately 9,982 calories. Would you dare to eat it?
  • The hamburger lost popularity when famous presenter Oprah Winfrey declared that she would never try a hamburger again. And such is their influence, that beef prices fell at such a statement. Still, it is still an irresistible dish!

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How to vary the ingredients of hamburgers

  • Instead of ground beef, use chicken.
  • Add finely grated potato, zucchini or carrot; Aside from enhancing the flavor, the meat will yield a bit more, and it’s a good trick for kids to eat the veggies!
  • Change the lettuce leaves: one day use the romaine, another the orejona, then French, etc., because believe it or not, the flavor varies subtly from one to another.
  • To really look like a different dish, substitute the bun with pita or box bread in its different options (multigrain, white, whole wheat).
  • In addition to the classic ketchup and mayonnaise, add soy sauce, mustard or mayonnaise flavored with chipotle, thousand island dressing or something else.

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Burger recipes

See Recipes:

  • Hamburger with fried fish

    Easy Fish Fillet Recipes: Burger

    Looking for easy fish fillet recipes? Here we show you how to prepare this Lenten burger, the season’s favorite!

  • Crab Burger with Garlic Shrimp

    crab burger

    Indulge yourself this season by preparing a crab burger with garlic shrimp, very delicious!

  • Mini burgers for snacking

    mini burgers

    You’ll love how easy it is to learn this mini burger recipe that you can enjoy anytime.

  • Avocado burger

    avocado burger

    This avocado burger option is perfect for those who are looking for a meatless, breadless, yet delicious option.

  • Arabic burger

    Arabic burger

    Today we want to share with you a very original, delicious and oriental-flavored touch: prepare this Arabic burger with our super easy and delicious recipe. You will not regret! You are interested in: Vegan menu: salad …

  • Fried chicken burger

    Fried chicken burger

    Nothing better to satisfy the craving of the week than a delicious fried chicken burger. If you are also savoring it, keep reading and take note of the recipe. …

  • Greek hamburger with gruyère cheese

    Greek hamburger with gruyère cheese

    We know that you love trying different flavors of your favorite dishes, and you are going to love this one: we invite you to try a Greek burger with Gruyère cheese, exquisite! You are interested in: Salad …

  • Veggie burger recipe with portobello

    Veggie burger recipe with portobello

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  • Classic charcoal burgers

    Classic charcoal burgers

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  • Recipe burgers with pork

    burgers recipe

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  • Mini lamb burgers with goat cheese

    Mini lamb burgers with goat cheese

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  • Mini burgers for parties

    Mini burgers for parties

    Snacks are a must at a celebration! That’s why we bring you these mini burgers for parties, so delicious that they will conquer the palate of your guests. Everything…

  • Mini hamburgers for kids

    Mini hamburgers for kids

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  • Prepare a very delicious and healthy veggie burger

    vegetarian hamburger

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  • Mexican burger with guacamole

    mexican burger with guacamole

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  • Chicken and mushroom burger

    Chicken and mushroom burger

    We all love hamburgers and the different and original ways in which they are created, but we bet you have never eaten a delicacy like this one that Cocina Fácil …

  • Rosemary garlic burger with caramelized onion

    Rosemary garlic burger with caramelized onion

    Are you starving? The solution is with this garlic and rosemary burger with caramelized onion. Irresistible and super delicious. We don’t want to be a bad influence but with this recipe …

  • BBQ mini burgers

    Enjoy these mini BBQ burgers with your friends or family at any time, you do not need special occasions to prepare them, since they go very well with everything and, best of all, they are …

  • Crunchy chicken burger and guacamole

    Crunchy chicken burger and guacamole

    How long have you not eaten a mega crunchy chicken and guacamole burger? At home you can also enjoy something this big and super filling. Are you hungry yet? …