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18 recipes for seafood soup, creams and broths for a delicious Lent

25 mayo, 2021

Lent is not complete if there is not a delicious sea ​​food soup. Or how about a rich cream or a warm broth? We have all these delicious options for this season.

We share rich options with various seafood, shrimp or also the fish classics that you like to try so much. Let’s prepare them!

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Before making your seafood soup, follow these tips

Differences between fish and shellfish

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We cannot deny it: every time we go to buy fish or shellfish, we are a little scared when buying them, because we do not know if they are fresh enough.

That is why we give you these tips so that your purchase is safe:

  • The fish should not smell bad for any reason. Its meat should be firm in texture and look slightly moist. The eyes should look clear, shiny and should not be too bulging.
  • The meat is shrinkable to the touch. If you buy the whole fish, make sure the gills look shiny.
  • If it is steak, check that the meat is not battered and that it is in refrigeration or ice bed.
  • The body of lobsters and prawns must not have spots, their meat is firm and their shell must shine in a healthy way, in addition to looking resistant.
  • Both lobsters and crabs should be chosen, preferably live. If that is not possible, they must have their heads united.
  • The color of the meat of the octopus and squid can have a color that can go from white to pink nacre. Or raw they can be purple or brown tones. Be very careful: your meat should not be sticky.

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Before you go to have your seafood soup, we share this video where we teach you how to make a red seafood broth to inspire you:

See Recipes:

  • Shrimp broth with seafood, very easy and inexpensive!

    Shrimp broth with seafood

    Start this Lent by preparing a delicious shrimp broth with seafood with inexpensive ingredients. It will be your favorite!

  • Nutritious and delicious fish broth

    fish soup

    Enjoy a traditional fish broth, follow the recipe and discover how easy it is to prepare it so that you can enjoy it with your family this Lent.

  • Broccoli cream: recipe with shrimp

    Cream of broccoli easy recipe

    If you have a craving for something healthy and delicious, this cream of broccoli recipe with shrimp is the ideal one for you to prepare today.

  • Peas in broth

    Peas in broth

    Dare to try this dish from the Mexican Caribbean. We give you the step by step of some delicious peppers in broth, easy to prepare.

  • Red seafood broth with red snapper

    red seafood broth with red snapper

    Taste the most delicious flavor of the sea with this red seafood broth with red snapper. We share the recipe for you to enjoy.

  • Sea food soup

    sea ​​food soup

    You are going to want to repeat this seafood soup after you make it at home and taste it. You will be delicious with our recipe!

  • Seafood cream

    seafood cream

    Do not be left with the craving to try a seafood recipe in cream, so easy that you will want to prepare it today.

  • Seafood broth: recipe with chorizo

    seafood broth recipe

    Try this seafood broth recipe with a very special touch: chorizo. You will love its taste and you will want to try it again.

  • Dried shrimp broth

    dried shrimp broth

    Enjoy a unique homemade flavor and learn how to prepare a dried shrimp broth just like your grandmother did.

  • Fish soup: recipe with surimi

    fish soup recipe

    Give your food a bonus with this fish soup recipe with surimi. We give you the step by step so that you also enjoy it.

  • Delicious and nutritious fish head soup

    fish head soup

    Try more fish stock recipes in Easy Kitchen

  • Fish soup with rice, epazote and panela cheese

    fish soup

    There are days when you crave something warm and healthy to feel good. This fish soup with rice, epazote and panela cheese is ideal for those moments when …

  • White fish broth

    white fish broth

    The broths are a really nutritious food that even helps to improve the body’s defenses and fight some diseases. Prepare a delicious white fish broth to protect …

  • Potato broth with fish

    potato broth with fish

    If you feel like you are running out of ideas for preparing food this Lenten season, we have good news for you. Try preparing a delicious potato broth with fish.…

  • Shrimp broth

    Shrimp broth

    There is no richer and more incredible way to enjoy shrimp than by turning it into a succulent shrimp broth, a true culinary delight that will bring out the true chef who …

  • Bean cream with shrimp and nopal

    Bean cream with shrimp and nopal

    Today do not prepare the same as always, surprise everyone at home with this rich bean cream with shrimp and nopal. Know what ingredients you need! Soups, creams and broths …

  • Green seafood soup

    Green seafood soup

    If you want to try something new and with a great flavor, we recommend this recipe for green seafood soup. Keep reading and know everything you need to …

  • Shrimp cream

    Dare to do your best in the kitchen this Lent. If you’re making a full seafood menu, start with a shrimp soup. In this…