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18 easy dessert recipes to share

25 mayo, 2021

There is no moment as long awaited as dessert time. And it is that its flavor is a treat for the soul (and for the craving). So do not forget to leave a little hole and enjoy these 18 recipes of easy desserts, ideal to share with whoever you want.

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  • You lose weight: Contrary to popular belief, dessert can help you lose weight. People who taste a dessert and savor it, have better satiety than those who are left hungry … and fall into temptation hours later.
  • Prevents night cravings: restricting yourself from a dessert, as mentioned before, can be negative, if we are taking care of going up sizes. The dessert helps the body finish feeling satisfied throughout the day. This means that one dines lighter and there are no late night cravings.
  • Increase your energy: dessert can give that extra energy to end the day. And, if you see it from the other side, it will also motivate you to do exercise and continue eating without guilt.
  • It puts you in a good mood: have you had a not so good day? Dessert is that incentive that helps you feel better and that reminds you that not everything in life is so bad, and that the best always comes last.

Brownie cup

Brownie cup

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How to prepare healthier desserts?

We give you tips so that you can prepare easy desserts, and also very healthy!

  • Make sure your desserts contain natural fruit (not frozen or concentrated).
  • Fruits have natural sugar, perfect to give the necessary sweetness. Therefore avoid adding sugars.
  • If you need to sweeten a little more, use honey.
  • If you are going to need flour, preferably use one that is whole.
  • Add nuts, they are rich and very nutritious.
  • Yogurt and milk are perfect to include in your desserts, thanks to their rich supply of calcium, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Also spreadable cheeses are an excellent option.
  • Always watch your portions: this is key to taking care of your weight and health.

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Easy dessert recipes

See Recipes:

  • Strawberries and cream

    Strawberries and cream

    This recipe for strawberries with cream will be great because we have the key ingredient that will give it the perfect flavor. Know the recipe!

  • Meringue recipe with strawberries and ice cream

    meringue recipe

    We bring you an irresistible dessert! Try this meringue recipe with strawberries and ice cream that will conquer your palate with the first taste.

  • Donuts: Chocolate Swarm Recipe

    Donuts: Chocolate Swarm Recipe

    Enjoy the flavor of these donuts recipe swarm with chocolate. They will become your favorite option to enjoy your hot drink.

  • Homemade green tea custard

    Homemade green tea custard

    If green tea is one of your favorite ingredients, you will love this homemade custard. We give you this super delicious and special recipe.

  • Oatmeal cookies with amaranth

    Oatmeal cookies with amaranth

    Mom is going to thank you for wanting to pamper her with something delicious and healthy. These amaranth oatmeal cookies are the perfect touch for her. Let’s get started! You are interested: 15 recipes with amaranth …

  • Amaranth bars with rompope cream

    amaranth bars with eggnog cream

    Whether you are looking for a healthy dessert or a mid-day snack, amaranth bars with rompope cream are perfect. Benefits of amaranth bars …

  • Rompope and cajeta gelatin cubes

    eggnog and cajeta jelly

    To create a perfect dessert you must find the ideal mixture between two ingredients, such as these rompope and cajeta gelatin cubes. History of gelatin The oldest recipes …

  • Delicious cottage cheese and pear crepes

    Delicious cottage cheese and pear crepes

    If you are looking for new combinations to enjoy at breakfast or dinner, you are going to love these cottage cheese and pear crepes. We tell you …

  • Take care of your health with this delicious avocado ice cream

    Take care of your health with this delicious avocado ice cream

    Avocado has very beneficial properties for our body, and it is also a versatile food that can be prepared in many ways. We want to share with you this avocado ice cream, a delicious …

  • Rich blueberry popsicles to take care of and pamper you

    Rich blueberry popsicles to take care of and pamper you

    Do you have a craving for a delicious and natural dessert? These rich blueberry popsicles are ideal to take care of your health and also pamper yourself with their delicious flavor. Keep reading…

  • Oatmeal chocolates to share

    oatmeal chocolates

    If you are looking for a healthy snack option to share with your family or friends, these oatmeal chocolates are for you. Read on and discover how to prepare them. You are interested in: Shots of …

  • Bananas with salted caramel and granola

    Bananas with salted caramel and granola

    A great dessert does not have to be very laborious or showy to be delicious, it is enough to simply include the right ingredients so that it results in an incredible flavor, like this …

  • Flamed peaches

    A different way to enjoy one of the richest fruits that exists is with these delicious flamed peaches, it won’t take long to prepare them and so you can enjoy them without measure. …

  • Bananas flambe

    bananas flambe

    If you thought you had tried everything, you need to taste these flamed bananas. In just 15 minutes you can have the dessert of the day. Do you dare to prepare it? Who can resist …

  • Cheese mousse with mango sauce


    If what you are looking for is a creamy dessert, you have come to the right place. Learn how to make a cheese mousse with mango sauce. You will be fascinated! Who can resist …

  • Fried plantains with cream


    Enjoy some fried plantains with cream, a traditional Mexican dessert. It’s great! In addition, we assure you that everyone at home will love it because it is perfect for after …

  • Pears in syrup

    Pears in syrup

    Pears in syrup are a rich and light dessert. Do you know how to prepare them? Here we share the recipe for you to enjoy with your family. If you, like …

  • Mango meringue cup

    Mango is one of the richest fruits in the world, since, in addition to having a super striking color, it has a really delicious flavor that goes very …