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17 Japanese cooking recipes for beginners

25 mayo, 2021

Japanese cuisine is a healthy, light cuisine that manages to win a lot of followers every day in our country. For that reason, just like a few days ago we told you what to order in a Japanese restaurant, today we have compiled these 17 Japanese cooking recipes for beginners so that you are encouraged to prepare these grateful and tasty dishes at home.

Japanese cuisine is based mostly on the quality product, very very fresh and treated with care, in relatively simple preparations that always combine different groups of ingredients so that in addition to being tasty, it is very healthy. With these recipes you can get started in its delicious gastronomy.

Salads, broths and soups and other starters

Chirasi sushi the precursor of poke Chirashi Sushi

We start with the recipe for Chirasi sushi, the precursor to poke that Liliana discovered for us. It’s about a rice dish with fish, seafood and vegetables which is as simple as putting a rice base and covering it with the rest of the ingredients, combining textures, flavors and temperatures.

Miso noodles with tuna and spinach Miso noodles with tuna and spinach

Another of the classic recipes to start getting fond of cooking Japanese recipes is this Simple Ramen Recipe, a miso Noodle soup accompanied by tuna and spinach, which is very complete. Look what is a soup, with carbohydrates, vegetables and proteins all in one bowl.

Dashi broth with vegetables Dashi broth with vegetables

For soups, the one I like the most in Japanese cuisine is dashi broth, made with dehydrated tuna flakes or katsuobushi and kombu seaweed. The result is a transparent and tasty broth that you can serve with vegetables as in this recipe or use to make miso soup and other delicious preparations.

Homemade sushi

Easy sushi (Maki rolls) Easy sushi (Maki rolls)

It is very easy to make homemade sushi if you follow our instructions. The first thing is to learn how to prepare sushi rice. With that perfectly cooked, vinegary and cooled rice, we can make many recipes such as that of nigiris, a kind of quenelles rice covered with fish or other ingredients, or the favorite recipe of sushi lovers, the homemade sushi maki rolls with which we recommend that you start in this kitchen.

Tuna and cucumber uramakis Tuna and cucumber uramakis

In addition, I recommend that you try to prepare this other recipe for tuna and cucumber uramakis, which It is perfect for when you have some ease when rolling the makirolls, since they are rolled upside down leaving the seaweed inside and the rice outside.

Main dishes with fish

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A simple and flavorful recipe is this tuna fillet marinated in miso, accompanied by broad beans that It can be done without difficulty and it will convince you as soon as you try it. This technique of miso glaze You can use it with other fish and also with white meats such as pork or chicken.

Tuna tataki with ponzu sauce Tuna tataki with ponzu sauce

Grilling a fish ingotBy marking the exterior very strongly and leaving the interior almost raw, you can make this impressive tuna tataki that, accompanied by its Ponzu sauce, has a truly exquisite flavor. Nothing easier to start and leave everyone with their mouths open.

Udon noodle wok with cuttlefish and prawns Udon noodle wok with cuttlefish and prawns

The wok is perfect for cooking fish and seafood. With this utensil, some prawns, a cuttlefish and some noodles or Udon noodles we have prepared this tasty and original recipe, which you can make at home effortlessly following our instructions.

Salmon sashimi Norwegian salmon sashimi

The other classic of Japanese cuisine with fish is the sashimi, actually a cutting technique to present the most tender parts of the fish raw for tasting. Here you can learn how to make sashimi with a trick so that it always looks good on you.

Recipes with meat and poultry

Teriyaki chicken wings Teriyaki chicken wings

Teriyaki sauce is excellent for cooking dishes on the grill or to sauté them and cover them with that intense flavor and creamy texture. Good proof of this is this simple recipe for teriyaki chicken wings with which you are sure to lick your fingers, literally.

Japanese-style turkey salad Japanese-style turkey salad

If you fancy a light dinner, surely these turkey slices with a Japanese batter, a Minué recipe will come in handy. He prepared it in the format of a Japanese turkey salad and I think it is a very appetizing recipe for this time of year and very easy to start.

Teriyaki chicken breasts Teriyaki chicken breasts

You will also undoubtedly enjoy these teriyaki glazed chicken breasts with a homemade sauce made with ginger, fresh pineapple, onion, honey and soy sauce, among other ingredients, that you are going to love. Much better than the classic grilled breast fillets of diets, I assure you.

Chicken and broccoli noodles Chicken and broccoli noodles

Also, there are many simple preparations that you can make at home with a wok or a large frying pan. A good example, these noodles with broccoli and chicken, or the Japanese burgers that are sure to surprise more than one. Do not forget what Carmen published about Japanese barbecue and its secrets.

Japanese desserts to make at home

Dorayakis, Doraemon's dessert Dorayakis, Doraemon’s dessert

I always remember my partner Liliana When thinking of Japanese sweets for their love of Japanese culture and pastries and combining both passions, I suggest you try these simple Dorayakis, that traditional sweet that the doraemon character.

Mochis, Japanese sweets Mochis, Japanese sweets

To accompany the tea, I like small snacks, like this other sweet classic, Japanese mochis, in this case chocolate, which you will learn to made with rice flour, so in addition to being delicious, they are gluten-free.

Japanese cheesecake Japanese cheesecake

To culminate this compilation with 17 recipes of Japanese cuisine for beginners, I have included this recipe for a Japanese cheesecake or cheesecake, which María José taught us a few years ago and which I make at home following her instructions and it always comes out perfect.

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