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17 healthy muffins to satisfy your sweet tooth

24 mayo, 2021

I’m not going to be the one to come and give you lessons on what Breakfast is the most important meal of the daySurely you all know it by now. But nevertheless, many, including myself, would have to put a lock in the pantry so, at breakfast time, not to throw ourselves into the box of pasiegos pasiegos or butter cookies and end up dipping them in the coffee as if not would have tomorrow.

That is why today I propose 17 healthy muffins to satisfy your sweet tooth. With these recipes you will see that they are very simple to prepare and a much healthier alternative than industrial pastries. So come on, shake off that laziness, turn on the oven and get on with one of these muffin proposals that we show you today at Directo al Paladar.

Many are the ingredients that we have to prepare healthy muffins. Fruit, cereals other than wheat, seeds and nuts, are part of the composition of these simple cakes that are usually mixed by hand in a bowl, so you do not even need to remove the blender.

Muffins with fruit


Both for those of us who find it difficult to eat fruit every day and for children who are lazy with it at snack time, muffins with fruit are a good option to include a small part of our five daily servings of green.

The banana muffin recipe fulfills that role, but also that of take advantage of those bananas that in every house stay ripe and then nobody wants to eat fresh. The baked banana gives off all its flavor and aroma, so it is an ideal fruit for this type of preparation.

The banana, to often better in price than banana, it is perfect to star in these banana and yogurt muffins. Fruit and dairy have always married perfectly, so this time it was not going to be less.


If you are hooked on original flavors, sure these [muffins de zanahoria y piña](Carrot and pineapple muffins. Recipe) you will adore them, the combination of these two ingredients being absolutely delicious. The sweet carrot and the acid of the natural pineapple will give you a spectacular flavor for your breakfasts. And very similar to a miniature carrot cake They will be these carrot, walnut and raisin muffins, perfect for a mid-afternoon treat with a coffee or tea.

Some delicious muffins to have freshly made are these orange and poppy seed muffins. Perfect for these times when orange is at its best. And if you don’t particularly like orange, opt for another version of lemon and poppy seed muffins, with a more acidic touch that you like a lot in pastry and the benefits of this floral seed.

Muffins with red berries


The red fruits stand out for their antioxidant power and its large amount of vitamin C. Therefore, by taking these fruits regularly, we protect our cells against the daily storage of free radicals, stimulating the defenses. That’s why a delicious way to include them is in recipes like this one for fresh cranberry muffins, perfect for when we find them at a good price.

If you cannot include butter in your diet, you always have the option of including as fat in the recipe margarine, as in this recipe for muffins with berries, where it is a pleasure to take a bite and find the surprise of its sweet and slightly acid taste.


What if you want to treat yourselfThen there is nothing better than these raspberry and mascarpone heart muffins. Where unlike other recipes the cheese is not included in the dough but added as a separate filling. For a lighter option you can change it for a low-fat cream cheese, but with body.

Muffins with cereals


Cereals are often difficult to take naturally. Not everyone likes to include them in yogurt or milk, or just on their own, so making muffins with them is a great alternative so that cereals do not escape from our diet.

Oats are known for their properties, not in vain it is considered one of the most complete cereals, including reducing hypertension, mitigating stress, fighting fatigue, and preventing certain types of intestinal tumors. So with all these virtues, how can we not include it in our sweets?

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Like in these muffin recipes where oatmeal is the protagonist:

Muffins with other flours

The muffins not only have to be made of wheat flour, so you can always try to give them a special touch with other varieties like these corn muffins that head the cover with their photograph, where the yellow corn flour gives them a peculiar flavor and a somewhat grainy texture that makes them different, but very rich.

Spicy muffins


Those who like spicy flavors will enjoy these three muffin recipes where spices are its protagonists.

These whole grain muffins they are not boring thanks to the mixture of cinnamon and nutmeg, which together with the fact that they are totally made with whole wheat flour and without butter, only with oil, constitute one of the healthiest and most delicious options of all that I have presented.

With typically central european flavor You will find these muffins with cinnamon streusel. As they are a little sweeter than usual in this type of preparation, you can leave them as if it were a dessert.


The cardamom It will give a special touch of flavor to these peach and cardamom muffins, an original alternative to the classic muffin where you can include the peach when it is in season.

Well these have been the 17 healthy muffin recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth that we have presented to you today in Directo al paladar, why are you already looking forward to breakfast time again?

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