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17 exotic recipes that even the less adventurous will love

25 mayo, 2021

With the popularization of Asian, South American and even African cuisine, many of the dishes that seemed exotic years ago are now popular. Ceviche, curry, tajine or the most peculiar salads now seem familiar dishes that we even prepare at home. As we like these types of recipes more and more, I have prepared this selection of 17 exotic dishes that even the little adventurous will love.

In addition to putting the photos and recipes and a brief explanation of each dish, starter or main, to complete this selection or compilation of recipes I have also included some exotic desserts that surely also attract your attention. Will you accompany me on this gastronomic journey?

1. Chicken in mango curry sauce


Maybe it’s one of the most emblematic dishes among those considered exotic. The spice mix of curry, chicken, and usually basmati rice as a garnish makes even the least of friends want to try new things. In this recipe for chicken in mango curry sauce, you can introduce the fruit into the recipe and feel that you are traveling to the East.

2. Black couscous with grilled sea bass


Couscous has so many possibilities that surely you have tried it sometime as garnish or as the base of a main dish. In this recipe for black couscous with corvina, it forms a luxurious dish worthy of the best table and with aromas of Arab cuisine that take us to the East.

3. Taboulé with raisins and pine nuts


Using the same ingredient as in the previous recipe, we now try this delicious taboule with raisins and pine nuts, a tasty salad full of flavor and aroma thanks to the roasted nuts and dressing. Now that summer is coming, we recommend you try this dish.

4. Pitta with chicken in mango and curry sauce


The pitta or stuffed pita breads They evoke a trip to more eastern areas and that of this recipe with mango and curry filling, we know that it is a trip with a one-way ticket and to which we will return many times because it is delicious.

5. Asian soups

1 So

A long time ago I dared to try other flavors in terms of spoon dishes. There is a whole world beyond poultry broth, ham soup or vegetable broths. Now I love Asian soups like this dashii soup with shiitake and vegetables.

6. Acapulqueña fish ceviche

1 Cevi

Although supposedly the ceviches -also written cebiches- come from Peru, there are also very good recipes for Mexican and Chilean ceviches. This time we have chosen this acapulqueña fish ceviche, with the magic touch of our partner Philippe

7. Pumpkin and Gorgonzola Risotto


For many, a risotto is an exotic dish of Italian origin that they have never made at home. In Directo al Paladar we have made many recipes using this Italian technique to butter rice, as in this pumpkin and Gorgonzola cheese risotto that is so sweet that it always comes out the first time.

8. Seaweed salad with cucumber

1 Ens

Seaweed was a ** food not exotic but even unthinkable ** years ago and today we know it more thanks to Japanese culture. One way to take them, in addition to being part of the classic makis, -alga nori- is to make a salad of algae with cucumber like this one that Liliana prepared for Vitónica.

9. Greek tzatziki


Greek cuisine It has that charm of being Mediterranean cuisine with ingredients that are familiar to us and the treatment that they give to their products in recipes so unique and exclusive to their country. Dishes like Greek moussaka or this recipe for tzatziki make us dream of its coasts and its people.

10. Steamed flan inside a pumpkin

1 Flan

This flan cooked inside a pumpkin is an original recipe that I learned on a trip to Bali. When steaming inside the pumpkin, the texture is almost like a foam. Try it and it will surprise you. In addition, the pumpkin is also eaten afterwards.

11. Orange marinated tuna with soba noodles


This recipe for orange marinated tuna with soba noodles has the twist exotic soba noodles and ginger in line with a product that is consumed around the world like tuna. Just by looking at the recipe you will be craving it.

12. Moroccan lamb tagine with zucchini, raisins and mint


The recipes cooked in tajine with the classic spices of Ras-el-hanut they always have the appeal of these dishes of Moroccan cuisine so widespread throughout the Mediterranean. In addition to this lamb tagine, we have made other chicken, fish and vegetables that we recommend you try.

13. Rice noodles with tofu and pepper stir fry


Rice noodles with tofu and pepper stir fry are a delicious gluten-free option suitable for vegetarians, since everyone is surprised by the taste of this simple recipe. Do not stop trying them.

14. Prawns with curried peanut butter


A surprising explosion of flavors: the powerful sea flavor of the prawns, the spices of the curry mix and the unmistakable flavor of the peanuts, in an Asian-inspired recipe that everyone loves: the prawns with curried peanut butter. They have to be done!

15. Prawns in oyster sauce


Prawns in oyster sauce are one of my favorite appetizers. The soft and shiny wrap that this sauce leaves when sauté the prawns in it It is an absolute delight. You can also make it with other seafood such as prawns, prawns, red prawns …

16. The surprising Ginger Cheesecake


This NY Cheesecake-style cheesecake has as novelties compared to the classic cheesecakes its gingerbread base, its dough with ginger grated and a ginger jam topping. If you like this ingredient you will love the combination.

17. Banana and coconut milk ice cream

1 He

Coconut milk is an ingredient widely used in Asian cuisine but we can also use it in traditional recipes as a substitute for some dairy products. That’s why I love this homemade banana and coconut milk ice cream that my partner MJ prepared with that beautiful presentation.

¿Which of the 17 exotic dishes that we have presented you most fancy? Personally, I really like Asian cuisine, the flavors of Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam and China, but since you already know me, you know that I like practically everything. Leave me in the comments the proposals and perhaps we will encourage ourselves to cook some.

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