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17 delicious baked salmon recipes

21 mayo, 2021

I have a weakness for fresh salmon and many times I make it at home for lunch, for dinner, almost any occasion. Today I have prepared this compilation of 17 delicious baked salmon recipes, which I recommend you read carefully because you are going to discover preparations that will make you love this fish.

In fillets, loins, tacos or slices, salmon is a very healthy fish, very rich in Omega 3, with a smooth and silky texture and an intense flavor that everyone usually likes. That is why we have prepared it Directly to the Paladar in many ways, from which we have selected these 13, our best baked salmon recipes.

1. The easiest baked salmon recipe

When I started to prepare the easiest baked salmon recipe in the world, I thought of the classic bed of potatoes and roasted vegetables -tomato, onion, pepper-, on which to roast a large loin of fresh salmon until it is just right. Just put it in the oven and let the heat do all the work. You have to try it because the taste is really impressive.

We start by preparing a bed on which we are going to grill the salmon. To do this, we chop the potatoes into half-cm thick slices, the bell pepper and chives in julienne strips and the tomato into thin slices. We distribute all the vegetables on the oven tray, season and add a little olive oil, a little water and a little white wine. Bake at 190º for 20 minutes until the potatoes are taking color and the rest of the vegetables have been well poached. At that moment, sprinkle well with black pepper and we place the seasoned salmon loin on the bed of vegetables. We also add a few rings of the green of the chive, distributing them on top. We let the salmon cook for a few 10 minutes. We serve directly in the same oven source in which we have cooked it.

2. Baked salmon with potatoes

Baked Salmon with Potatoes

This recipe for baked salmon tacos with potatoes sprinkled with black pepper is perfect for when we want to make a light dinner, without complications. A potato, and two or three cubes of salmon and ready in ten minutes. There are only three or four ingredients and it is made in a flash. Are you not in the mood for it?

3. Baked salmon pizza


When I made this fresh salmon pizza I was surprised by the intensity of the flavor that the fish brings to this preparation. Until then, I had only done it with smoked salmon but from that day on I have repeated it many times. It is also perfect for making use of leftover salmon chunks when making ingots or loins.


4. Salmon en croute


It is one of the most elegant recipes to make with salmon in the oven. The salmon en croute is presented in a puff pastry, as if it were a patty. Inside the dough, the fish is cooked to perfection and its aromas permeate the dough. You have to try it soon because it is worth it.

5. Baked salmon in papillote

Baked Salmon in Papillote

The papillote is a technique that allows us to cook salmon in its own steam in the oven. This baked salmon in papillote was cooked with onion, bell pepper and carrot all together in the same package. The final touch was a sprinkled with plenty of pink pepper. I still salivate at the memory.

6. Baked salmon with herbs


Aromatic herbs are the main secret of this delicious baked salmon with herbs that he taught us Carmen a few months ago. It is perfect for dinner as it is a light and healthy recipe, but full of flavor. Salmon has a great satiating effect so with a slice of about 150 g we will be fully satisfied.

7. Frozen baked salmon ready in 15 minutes

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In order to when there is almost no time and we need to improvise a tasty dinnerThere are ways to cook frozen salmon, taking it from the freezer to the oven and from there to the table all in less than 15 minutes. Here you can see how to prepare it with a great honey mustard sauce.

8. Baked salmon with sweet and sour sauce


I really like this recipe from Philippe, the baked salmon with sweet and sour sauce since it is an easy, elegant recipe full of nuances, like almost all those prepared by our Mexican companion. Do not stop trying this idea, that sauce, that garnish …

9. Slice of salmon with papillote with coriander

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The coriander is an ingredient you love or hate, there is no middle ground. However, I’m pretty sure everyone will enjoy the Salmon al papillote with cilantro from Maria Jose, because when mixed with salmon, the flavors are mixed and nuanced, achieving a balance that is delicious.

10. Cajun Baked Salmon

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I really want to make Cajun Baked Salmon because I really like this mixture of spices from the southern United States, although I have only used them for stews and meat recipes. I have no doubts, it is enough for me to look at the photo to know that it will be terrific.

11. Baked salmon with citrus ginger sauce


I just discovered this recipe for Baked Salmon with Citrus Ginger Sauce is a good proof of the many possibilities this ingredient has. Mixed with the sweet and sour juices and the slightly spicy touch of ginger, the sauce is crazy and the taste of fish is simply round. Love it.

12. Baked salmon with citrus


Lola’s baked salmon with citrus fruits does not only use the juice but also introduces slices of orange and lemon to intensify the flavor. With a tablespoon of old mustard to bind the sauce, it has everything to make this baked salmon recipe one of my favorites.

13. Baked salmon with noodles and mirin


This recipe for baked salmon with noodles and mirin is a true complete dish since it includes the proteins of the fish and the carbohydrates of the noodles. As if that were not enough, this dish We will have it on the table in less than 30 minutes, so take note in case it suits you for the future …

14. Salmon en papillote with leeks and teriyaki sauce


Oriental sauces go very well with salmon and a good proof of this is this salmon en papillote with leeks, carrots and teriyaki sauce that Esther taught us and that it is perfect for when we want to diet low in calories.

15. Baked salmon fillet with garlic sauce


I often make fish recipes at home with a mayonnaise gratin crust. Is sauce after passing through the oven is fluffy and slightly browned at the top, with a texture that is divine to me. In a similar way, Carmen has made this baked salmon with a garlic crust using a garlic mayonnaise for the crust that will give the salmon a perfect touch. You just have to see it.

16. Russian Kulibiak Salmon Pie

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A recipe similar to salmon en croute or puff pastry is this Kulibiak, a Russian salmon cake that María José taught us a long time ago and that when I tried it I found it very rich. The characteristic of this type of cakes unlike any empanada is that consists of several layers of chopped ingredients stacked successively, to avoid mixing.

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17. Baked salmon with parsley and mustard crust

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We finish the compilation with a simple recipe, the baked salmon with a parsley and mustard crust. It is a Lorraine Pascale recipe that we can also do with other fish. Garnished with steamed potatoes and broccoli flavored with a little butter, it’s perfect for a midday meal.

As you may have seen, there is many interesting recipes to cook salmon in the oven and these 17 can be perfect to try, or to repeat the ones you liked the most. When reviewing them, I have also craved salmon for this first week of September, so I have already signed up to buy a salmon loin on the shopping list.

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