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16 sweet tamales recipes for breakfast or dinner

25 mayo, 2021

When we need a cuddle, nothing better than sweet tamales, accompanied by a warm atole. Can you imagine starting your mornings like this, or do you prefer it at dinner time?

Whatever your decision, today we bring you 16 recipes with the sweet taste that you love so much. They will be your darlings for Candlemas Day!

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Sweet or savory tamales … wrapped with a lot of tradition

Chili, sweet mole, coastal or Oaxacan? There is a whole culture of this rich food, so ours and special in every part of the country. We share interesting facts about one of the most important dishes in Mexico:

  • Tamale comes from Nahuatl tamalli, which means “wrapped.”
  • There is a custom of pouring coins into the bottom of the tamalera or steamer: if you hear them jump, it means that you have to put water in the pot so that they continue cooking.
  • According to certain traditions, if the one who beats the dough for the tamales is in a bad mood, they will be “pinto” or “sour”; that is, undercooked. According to this custom, that is why tamales are made as a family, to laugh, talk and be in good spirits while they are being prepared.
  • There is the tamale without dough! It is called mextlapique, and it is a tamale made only from charales.
  • The grid at the bottom has corn husks that form a kind of mat. To cook them, they are placed in layers: the first is cooked for 10 minutes, then the next for the same time and so on until finished. This prevents those below from deforming and supporting the weight of others.

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Many types of tamales, different masses

Dough for tamales

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There are many ways to make tamales, and by their mass they can be differentiated:

  • Whipped dough: they have whipped lard, corn dough and are wrapped in corn or banana leaves. This is how corundas, ollita, pinto or tarasco are prepared.
  • With sifted flour: its mixture of flours, lard and butter form sweet or salty flavors. The rajas tamales, those of sweet, those of rice or mole belong to this classification.
  • Scrambled dough: they have corn and a fat that can be butter, oil or pork rinds. The chiapaneco tamale, with chicharrón or chaya from Tabasco is served.
  • With special dough: they can go with dough or without it! They are tamales with a particular preparation. The uchepos, the mextlapiques or the corn roll have this type of dough in their preparation.

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Sweet tamales recipes

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