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16 great recipes that you can prepare with guajillo chili

28 mayo, 2021

If there is a chili in all Mexican kitchens (and, of course, in many foods) it is the guajillo chile. And it is that its flavor is simply perfect: it has a sweet touch and an itch that goes with almost any meal.

As we know that your mouth is watering, we present these 16 delicious guajillo chili recipes that you are going to love and that are going to become the favorites in your cookbook.

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The spoiled chili of Mexican gastronomy

Guajillo is a dry chili that is used in many types of dishes: from moles, stews, broths and sauces, which give each preparation a touch of unique color and flavor.

The guajillo chili is none other than the mirasol chili when it dries. Its name comes from Nahuatl chilli (chile) and huaxin (huaje), which since pre-Hispanic times has been present in Mexican gastronomy.

This chili is grown mainly in the Northern Altiplano region, in the states of Zacatecas and Durango, although it is very easy to get it in any region of the country.

guajillo chile

Has it happened to you that you go through the market and suddenly you feel the delicious aroma of guajillo chili?

Some curiosities about the guajillo

  • It is one of the largest chili peppers that exist (it measures 10 cm approx.)
  • On the Scoville scale, the guajillo chili ranks 13th for heat, which is quite low and acceptable for any palate to taste (2,500-4,000).
  • Zacatecas is the largest exporter of guajillo in Mexico.
  • There are different types of guajillo, including ancho or sweet (less spicy); the guajillo chico (a little more spicy); and the puja, the spiciest of all.

Recipes with guajillo

See Recipes:

  • Guajillo chili enchiladas to surprise everyone at home


    There are green, red and even Swiss. Today it’s your turn to prepare some guajillo chili enchiladas so that you surprise everyone at home.

  • Red snapper fillet marinated in guajillo and broccoli salad

    red snapper fillet

    Get ready to try something really delicious. We tell you how to make a red snapper fillet marinated in guajillo accompanied by broccoli salad.

  • Delicious traditional guajillo chili sauce

    Delicious traditional guajillo chili sauce

    This delicious guajillo chili sauce comes to your table, with the traditional flavor that you love so much. Follow the recipe for you to enjoy.

  • Chilaquiles with guajillo sauce and starry egg

    chilaquiles with guajillo sauce

    The perfect breakfast … yes it exists! And if you don’t believe us, you haven’t tried these chilaquiles with guajillo sauce and fried egg.

  • Barley recipe with mushrooms and guajillo chili

    barley recipe

    Nothing like a good garnish to accompany your favorite dish. If you are looking for an original and delicious one, we recommend this recipe for barley with mushrooms and guajillo chili, which also …

  • Mushroom tamale with guajillo

    Mushroom tamale with guajillo

    If you have a craving for tamales, don’t miss this mushroom tamale with guajillo. We give you this delicious recipe that will conquer you.

  • Ground beef picadillo tostadas with guajillo

    Ground beef picadillo tostadas with guajillo

    The spicy flavor cannot be lacking in good toasts. Whether you’re a fan of spicy food or you don’t like it so much, these ground beef mince toasts with guajillo …

  • Breaded fajitas with guajilla sauce

    breaded fajitas

    Those of us who are fans of the spicy, know that guajillo is the ideal to accompany various meals, and among them are these fajitas breaded with guajilla sauce. We invite…

  • Exquisite wings with guajillo to share

    wings with guajillo

    Are you going to prepare the snack for a meeting at home? We want to recommend these exquisite wings with guajillo, perfect for you to share, and with a unique flavor. Know the recipe …

  • Red rice crown with guajillo sauce

    Red rice crown with guajillo sauce

    Red rice is one of the favorite garnishes of Mexican food, ideal to accompany any dish. And it is also delicious if served alone. We want to share with you this …

  • Crispy zucchini and chickpea salad with guajillo vinaigrette

    Crispy zucchini and chickpea salad with guajillo vinaigrette

    Salads are almost always rejected by everyone, this is because they always look boring, but you can make them fun and original by adding rich and healthy ingredients, like this salad …

  • Chicken recipe in guajillo sauce and red wine


    The Chicken recipe in guajillo sauce and red wine is an exquisite recipe that you can prepare for a special afternoon. With very few ingredients you can give it a flavor …

  • Guajillo mushroom broth

    Guajillo mushroom broth

    If you are looking for a delicious recipe without meat, go ahead and prepare this delicious guajillo mushroom broth. Tell us if you liked it and how it turned out. Soups, creams and broths …

  • Chicken stew with guajillo


    The chicken stew with guajillo is accompanied by corn, carrots and potatoes. To give it a unique flavor, a little guajillo chili is added. Delicious, don’t you think? The dishes…

  • Chayote soup with guajillo

    chayote soup with guajillo

    You have to try the chayote soup with guajillo, it is one of our spoiled recipes. It is not for nothing but you will be surprised by the great taste of this dish. Did you …

  • Guajillo wings with honey, super delicious!

    Wings with honey and guajillo, super delicious!

    We know that you love bittersweet flavors, and what better than some wings to pamper yourself. We share some guajillo wings with honey, super delicious and perfect for you to enjoy …