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15 refreshing recipes (sweet and savory) with a hint of mint or spearmint

25 mayo, 2021

We really like to use aromatic herbs in the kitchen and there are two of them, grass and peppermint, that bring a special freshness to recipes. As we are still in the heat of the summer heat wave, we have selected these 15 refreshing recipes (sweet and salty) in which a touch of mint or spearmint is essential.

Surely many will find it common to use mint in drinks, creams or even in meat recipes, but you will see how some of our proposals will surprise you. To combat the rigors of high temperatures, try the refreshing touch of these delicious aromatic herbs.

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13 refreshing recipes (sweet and salty) in which the touch of mint or spearmint is essential

a) Refreshing starters

1. Mutabal or baba ganush in the style of Jordan

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It is natural that in the countries of the Middle East These aromatic herbs are used a lot, since the temperatures are usually high in them and the refreshing effect they bring to the dishes is appreciated. In this Jordanian version of Mutabal or Baba Ganush, enough peppermint is included to make it refreshing in every bite.

2. Baby broad beans with bacon and fresh mint

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The legumes like peas and broad beans are great with a touch of mint or spearmint. That is why we love this recipe for baby broad beans with caramelized bacon and fresh mint, which is a great starter to share or even a good garnish for lunch and dinner outdoors.

3. Pea soup with mint

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Pea soup with mint is a delicious cream that refreshes us in every spoonful. Spoon dishes are also appreciated on hot days and this can be a great option.

4. Greek tzatziki

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It is one of the first dishes that comes to mind if we think of recipes with mint. Greek tzatziki is great in order to dip or to use as a sauce, garnish or even as a cold soup. Here you can learn how to prepare it so that it looks like the best restaurant in Mykonos.

5. Cold cream of cucumber and mint

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The cold cucumber and mint cream in an excellent cold soup such as our gazpacho, the vichyssoise or the ajoblanco and share with them the satiating and refreshing effect. Do not stop doing it to start the menu for a night with friends. You have guaranteed success.

6. Taboulé scented with aromatic herbs and citrus

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Another recipe that comes to us from the Middle East is taboulé, which is consumed in almost all countries in the area with more or less parsley, but always with a lot of mint or spearmint. In this recipe we have perfumed it with aromatic herbs and citrus fruits, achieving a great contrast of flavors.

b) Main dishes with a refreshing touch

7. Lamb chops with yogurt and mint sauce

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Lamb has a powerful flavor and it is common to find it with sauces in which mint or spearmint intervene, to reduce its flavor. These lamb chops with yogurt and mint sauce are inspired by an oriental recipe that I loved on a trip to eastern countries that I hope you will be encouraged to try.

8. Mint cutlets

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The same lamb chops can be prepared without yogurt, making a mint sauce in which we marinate the chops before frying them. They are equally tasty and refreshing. Either recipe is great for cookouts, so take note.

9. Chili peppers with orange sauce sauce, walnuts and mint shavings

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Birds also look great with him refreshing hint of peppermint or mint and good proof of this is this recipe for picantones with orange sauce sauce, walnuts and mint shavings, made with these small poultry that are so juicy in oven recipes and in stews.

10. Meatballs with mint and sesame

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We really like meatballs, whether they are meat, fish or vegetable, but these meatballs with mint and sesame are, surely, one of my favorite recipes, along with the cotton balls with American spaghetti. If you haven’t tried them, you should include them on your menu this week.

11. Grilled lobster with mint

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The fish and shellfish also appreciate the aromatic and refreshing touch of these aromatic herbs. A good example, this appetizing lobster that is asking to “eat me” just by looking at the image. Here you have the recipe for lobster with mint in olive oil so that you are encouraged to prepare it.

c) Sweet recipes and drinks with mint or spearmint

12. The Cuban mojito

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A classic like the mojito, is based mainly on the combination of lemon and mint. We like so much that we have made this recipe on video, so you can see all the steps and the authentic Cuban mojito is delicious the first time.

13. Mojito panna cotta

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If the mojito is a delicious drink or refreshing cocktail, -then we will include it in the drinks section- we can also use it to make summer desserts such as this mojito panna cotta, with which you will surprise at any gathering of friends, barbecue or summer dinner .

Mint and spearmint are excellent to refresh us and for that reason, they add a very pleasant sensation to drinks and cocktails. These are our recommendations for the summer period:

14. Mint Julep

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It is undoubtedly one of the great cocktails in the world, and it is an original combination of bourbon and mint. In this recipe for Mint Julep or Mint Julep, you can learn to prepare it like the best bartender and surprise your guests.

15. Melon balls with mint yogurt

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Melon and mint work great in combination and you can try them in soups and creams or in this quick and easy dessert in which we combine melon balls with a yogurt and mint cream. Here is the recipe for Melon Balls with Mint Yogurt for you to try as a dessert this weekend.

Other recipes with mint

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