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14 snacks to accompany the excitement of the Super Bowl

25 mayo, 2021

The most anticipated Sunday for football fans is approaching: the Super bowl. And what better way to enjoy it than accompanying it with some delicious snacks.

Here we give you 8 delicious options for you to prepare with your friends and enjoy the game of the year. Annotation!

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Fun facts about the Super Bowl

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  • This championship is named after the sons of Lamar Hunt, founded by the Kansas City Chief, who one day were playing with a popular toy called Super Ball. It became the official name from 1970.
  • Since 1967, it is the most watched television broadcast in the United States.
  • Even the weekend of the game is when new televisions are sold the most in this country.
  • According to statistics, after a Super Bowl, 6% of Americans report sick, in addition to increasing the sale of antacids and stomach medicines by 20%. (Be careful with the intake!)
  • In the beginning, a ticket to the game cost between $ 6 and $ 12. It currently exceeds $ 4,000 and the most expensive registered price is $ 75,000.

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  • The Super Bowl ranks 2nd in food consumption for the year, overtaken by Thanksgiving.
  • It ranks number 7 for beer sales of the annual festivities.
  • Sadly, Super Bowl Sunday is the busiest day of the year for alcohol-related car accidents.
  • According to a blog study Pat’s Papers, people go to the bathroom at the same time during certain moments of the event: end of the first quarter, halftime and delivery of trophies.
  • It’s a very family-friendly event: 9 out of 10 fans prefer to watch the game at home than in bars.
  • The pizzerias register a sale of more than 1.2 million pizzas on this date.
  • About 1.350 million chicken wings are eaten on Super Bowl weekend.
  • Ranch dressing is a football fan favorite.
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