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14 jelly recipes to share

25 mayo, 2021

Show off preparing these jelly recipes.

The recipes of jellies They are always super easy to prepare, we can make them in many colors and flavors, and they are delicious! Do you want to show off your next dessert?

Prepare one of these 14 jelly recipes and you will look like a professional chef. The best of all is that they are very cheap desserts and that you do not require many accessories in the kitchen. So anyone can prepare them super easy.

They will ask you for the recipe!

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History of gelatin, one of our favorite desserts

According to some historical data, the ancient Egyptians already enjoyed a good portion of gelatin, which they prepared from the gelatin given by trout. To sweeten it, they used various fruits.

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But it was not until the seventeenth century that the industrial production of gelatin began, a substance that served to compensate for protein deficiency that the population suffered due to the Napoleonic wars.

And in the year 1875, the manufacture of gelatin began with a more delicious and commercial purpose.

jelly recipes

It is impossible to refuse a good portion of gelatin.

Curiosities about gelatin

  • Napoleon knew about the nutritional properties of gelatin, so he and his army included it in their diet.
  • Gelatin arrived in America during the Viceroyalty. This was a very exclusive dessert that only the privileged class could eat.
  • The word gelatin comes from Latin jelly, which means stiff.
  • It is not only used as a dessert: the pharmaceutical industry uses it to coat and protect medicines, it is also used to make photographic paper and X-ray films.
  • Gelatin is also a great ally of your beauty, since you can make masks with this ingredient.

Jelly recipes to share

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