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14 hake recipes to enjoy all year round

21 mayo, 2021

Hake is one of the most consumed fish in our country and at Directo al Paladar we have already published countless recipes so that you can prepare it in many ways without getting bored of always eating it cooked in the same way. So that you can easily find our best hake recipes, I have prepared this compilation with these 14 hake recipes to enjoy all year round.

Whether in the oven, grilled, stewed, fried, in papillote or even in ceviches and salpicones, we love this fish with white and smooth meat. If you consider that We should add some more recipe, leave us your suggestions in the comments and we will try to expand this collection.

Seven easy-to-eat fish and fourteen recipes to enjoy them

1. Baked hake nape

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It is one of the noblest parts of hake and for that reason, this part is usually reserved for celebrations and special meals. In all restaurants they know how to make a nape of hake with some roasted potatoes as a garnish. If you want to do a good nape of hake at home, This is the recipe for you to have a movie, which we leave you complete below.

We started with the baked potatoes. To make them, we peel the potatoes and cut them into slices. We cut the onion in julienne. Mix the potatoes and onion with two or three tablespoons of oil and a pinch of salt and put them in the oven at 180º for about fifteen minutes. While they are done, we open the neck, clean it well and season it. We place the neck on the potatoes and keep it in the oven at the same temperature for about 25-30 minutes, -calculate 20 minutes for each kg of weight- until we see that the central rasp comes off easily. At that time, we chop the garlic cloves into very small squares and sauté them with virgin olive oil and add the chilli. When the garlic takes color, add the vinegar and stir well. Add the chopped parsley and pour it over the fish, which will finish cooking in about two or three more minutes.

2. Baked hake loin with baked potatoes

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With the part of the tail of the hake– Removing the loins – or with all the hake open at the back, we can make this delicious recipe, clean, juicy and without any fat that will brighten up your table. Baked hake with baked potatoes is very easy to make and the point of the fish is always perfect if you follow our recipe. Try it !!

3. Hake in green sauce

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It is without a doubt one of my favorite ways to eat hake. With some clams and asparagus tips, hake in green sauce is an essential fish stew in any repertoire and if you have never made it before, this recipe will come in handy.

4. Hake ceviche

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If you take out some hake loins yourself, it is easy to have some uglier or more difficult to use pieces. With them I love to prepare this recipe for hake and prawn ceviche marinating the fish in tangerine juice, sweeter and smoother than the traditional one made with lime or lemon.

5. Hake tacos with tomato

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One of the The simplest recipes to enjoy hake is to cut a loin into cubes or cubes and prepare some hake tacos with tomato. Children are delighted to eat them and the older ones enjoy them as if it were the classic recipe for bonito with tomato, but much juicier. Do not stop making this recipe using a good homemade tomato sauce and you will see what a good result.

6. Hake delicacies

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It is the most comfortable way to eat hake, especially for children. Cleaning the slices well and leaving them without skin or thorn, it is enough then to make a batter – flour and beaten egg – and fry them. These hake delicacies a la romana are a real wonder when the hake is very fresh.

7. Hake fillets with carrot sauce

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Hake fillets with carrot sauce are an excellent preparation for cooking the slices, stewing them until they are just right, with a sauce that is to die for. A simple and tasty fish stew that will solve many dinners.

8. Hake meatballs in green sauce

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Starting from the idea of ​​hake in green sauce, it occurred to me a long time ago to prepare these hake meatballs in green sauce, which were the origin of my nieces passion for fish since they are enthusiastic about its texture and flavor. You can also have lists from one day to the next and eat them giving a mere heat to take them at their point.

9. Hake meatballs in white wine

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Another possibility is to make the hake meatballs with a white wine sauce that also gives them a touch of very authentic flavor. With either of the two meatball recipes, don’t forget one garnish of chips cut into squares and a good bread for the sauce.

10. Hake with walnut sauce

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These meatballs with walnut sauce and white wine that he taught us how to prepare Phil, they are a good proof of the many possibilities that this fish has. The sauce has a powerful flavor that fits perfectly with the meat of hake or any other white fish. You’ll see how you like it.

11. Loin of hake au gratin with vermouth

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Hake loins are very versatile. We can eat them grilled, cut them into portions, or give them a special touch as in this recipe for hake loins au gratin with vermouth with which we can surprise our friends at dinner. The poached onion and the crunchy crust give it a perfect point of contrast to the white meat of this hake loin.

12. Baked hake in tomato sauce

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When I tried this recipe from Pam, I immediately incorporated it into my recipe book at home. It is a mixture of stew and roast and the texture that is achieved with the fish is really delicious. Try making this recipe for baked hake in tomato sauce at home and you will surely love the result.

13. Salpicón of hake and prawns

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Salpicón is a classic salad. Specifically, the salpicón of hake and prawns, with its good vinaigrette for the dressing and with the complements of tomato, cucumber and pepper cut into small pieces, is one of my favorites. In summer and winter, this salpicón is a very appreciated dish to serve as a starter or as a single dish for a light dinner with an elegant touch.

14. Hake casserole

Hake casserole

This recipe for hake casserole is both useful for a comforting daily menu and for a special occasion. With a sauce that begs for bread for dipping, this seafood stew is literally to die for.

Other interesting hake recipes

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With these 14 hake recipes to enjoy all year roundYou have a few options to make it one of these days and make the family happy with a good fish recipe that everyone likes. What is your first choice? If you want, you can leave us your favorite hake recipes in the comments.

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