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137 easy and delicious no-bake recipes

21 mayo, 2021

On Direct to the Palate We love to light the oven, but it must be recognized that, at times, it can be quite a challenge. When the high temperatures are at their peak, the last thing you want is to increase the heat in the kitchen even more, but that is not a reason to give up a sweet treat. Now it seems that ‘no-bake’ desserts are a trend, those without an oven of a lifetime, and from these cooler temptations we also have quite a lot of ideas.

Desserts without an oven are not only appreciated in summer, they can also be a lifesaving resource when the aforementioned appliance breaks down, or if we have it busy with other tasks. They are perfect recipes to leave prepared in advance, ideal for a special occasion, also to offer to guests. And the best thing is that there are options for all tastes, from lavish cakes to show off to spoon desserts that will take us back to childhood.

Nine homemade cakes for summer breakfasts and snacks

No-bake chocolate cakes

We start big with a good selection of chocolate cake recipes for which we will not need the oven. In summer, chocolate suffers a lot, but with these cold recipes we can enjoy it in all its splendor, and they are perfect for celebrating birthdays or children’s parties. Or, simply, for the enjoyment of the chocolatiest.

Raspberry Chocolate Ganache Tart Raspberry Chocolate Ganache Tart

There are two classic cakes that stand out Above all others in this field, the well-known three chocolates cake and the typical chocolate cake and cookies of the birthday. Both are successful wherever they go, they are very easy and they look great at any occasion or at any time of the year, but the cookie and chocolate cake is even simpler. We leave you his complete recipe, also on video, right here.

We start by preparing a 20 cm rectangular mold in which we are going to assemble our cake. We grease it with butter and line it with parchment paper. We let part of the paper stick out on the sides, so we can unmold the cake more easily. Lightly heat the cocoa and hazelnut cream to make it easier to handle. We put the pot in the microwave and give it two or three 30-second heat strokes, at low medium power. We stir between each heat stroke. We are looking for a creamy but not liquid consistency, so we must be careful not to overdo it. We mix the milk and the Amaretto liqueur in a deep dish. We take a cookie and dip it in the mixture, without soaking it. We do the same with another cookie and so on until the base is covered. If the cookies are not the same width as the mold, we cut them to cover the entire surface well, using a serrated knife. We cover the first layer of cookies with a layer of cocoa and hazelnut cream and spread it well over the entire surface. We cover this layer with another layer of cookies, previously dipping them in the mixture of milk and Amaretto liquor. As we have done in the first step and for the first layer. We make alternate layers of cookies and of cocoa and hazelnut cream. As many as we can, until we run out of cream and finishing with a layer of cookies. We cover the mold with parchment paper (or wrapped in plastic wrap) and put it in the fridge, where we let it rest for an hour. After this time, we unmold the cake. If we let it warm up for a few minutes at room temperature, the task will be easier. We pull the excess of the parchment paper and remove the cake from the mold. We place it, face down, on an oven rack. And the rack, on a clean tray. We are going to bathe the cake in chocolate, the tray will collect the excess that drips and we can use it for something else. We prepare the bath, melting the chocolate, the cream and the icing sugar (if used) in a container in a bain-marie. We can also do it in the microwave, at low power, being careful not to burn. Once the chocolate has melted, beat until homogenized and add the butter. We beat again and pour the bath over the cake. We distribute it on the surface and the sides, so that it is well covered. We decorate the cake to taste. Personally, I like the retro feel of the colored noodles sprinkled on the surface. But I also complement it with a few M & M’s to give it a more powerful pop of color.

Other no-bake chocolate cakes

These are not the only easy to make no-bake chocolate cakes, in fact, we have other recipes that even they are easier and faster. For an emergency, the Easy 30 Minute Chocolate Cake is an express temptation, while the Quick Dark Chocolate Oreo Cake is sure to be a hit with kids at home. And we have even more cake and cake ideas to satisfy any craving. chocoadict:

Cakes and pastries for all tastes

Is there anyone in the house less fond of chocolate? No problem, we have good no-bake cake and cake alternatives of very varied flavors and textures to adapt to the tastes -and needs- of all. And because everyone has a chocolate limit in life. Although we cheat a bit starting with the classic tiramisu, which has cocoa powder, and is the king of no-bake cakes.

Mousse cake Pineapple and coconut mousse cake

Very original and colorful is the Arab cake, a delicious combination of thin and crispy wafer layers with the smooth cream of the filling. We can have everything ready and assemble it at the moment to enjoy it to the fullest. And if we are a little newbie or do not want many complications, we can try the simple lemon cake without an oven, whose greatest difficulty is waiting for the hours of rest in the refrigerator.

Tartlets and other individual desserts

The mini or individual format is also very practical for making desserts without an oven, and it is also easier to handle. Tartlets, tarts or more exotic ideas will delight the family or guests, such as the refreshing mojito tartlets, great for summer or finishing a copious meal.

Tartlets Tartlets of grapes and cream

No-bake cheesecakes

Place apart deserve irresistible and creamy cheesecakes in all its versions. Beyond the classic baked goods, there are many alternatives without an oven that we can prepare in different formats. And yes, we also have proposals with chocolate, such as Nigella Lawson’s Nutella cheesecake, ideal for those with a sweet tooth.

Cheese cake Cream cheese mousse cake with strawberry interior

Something more elaborate is the cream cheese mousse cake with strawberry interior, all a gentleman dessert to show off at home and leave the guests with their mouths open. On the other hand, a few glasses like the strawberry and cheese cream glasses will make the visa easier for us, but just as sweet.

Nine healthy and light ice cream ideas to make at home in no time

Frozen and semi-cold desserts

Without entering the great world of ice creams -which are obviously recipes without an oven-, we can mention the so-called semi-frozen or frozen desserts, for which it is not necessary to have a refrigerator or a special machine. Enter here the bavarois in frozen version, like the watermelon refreshing, or the nougat bavarois, for which it is worth buying a tablet now if we do not have forgotten reservations from the last parties.

Frozen cake Iced coffee cake


The classic italian pannacotta It has been transformed into a multitude of variants for which we hope our Mediterranean friends will forgive us. More or less curdled, in a glass or unmould, they are a very easy, versatile dessert suitable for all occasions.

Pannacotta Pannacotta of fresh cheese and honey with balsamic red fruits

In fact, we have a panna cotta version of many other desserts, like the three chocolate panna cotta, with its unmistakable triple layer. To soften its flavor we can resort to incorporating other dairy products, such as in the yogurt pannacotta with stewed strawberries, or in the similar yogurt and currant pannacotta. They are very fresh and always appetizing, especially in the versions with fruit, such as the panna cotta light with cardamom with peach

Mousses (not just chocolate)

Fluffy and light -at least in appearance-, soft and somewhat creamy, a mousse is like a piece of heaven in your mouth. In its sweet versions, we have many possibilities to play with flavors and aromas, although chocolate continues to triumph once again. Achieving a perfect chocolate mousse is not as difficult as it may sound, and once you prepare the first one, there is no going back.

Mango Mousse Mango mousse with blueberries

Some variants that do not renounce cocoa They are the spiced chocolate mousse or the more adult alternative to dark chocolate and coffee mousse. We also have the surprising vegan chocolate mousse with two ingredients, prepared with aquafaba or vegetable liquid.

Creams and puddings

We enter a slightly diffuse section because it covers a huge variety of desserts without an oven present in almost all the gastronomies of the world. They are defined by their creamy texture, more or less thick, and are designed to be eaten by the spoonful.

Cream Quick chocolate cream with red berries

A good example is the classic chocolate pudding, which we have in a Swiss version without egg, but there are also lesser known variants such as aeblekage or Danish apple pudding. Nor can we forget the so fashionable chia seed puddings, which sometimes strays from the purely healthy with more whimsical recipes, such as chia pudding with coffee and chocolate.

Combining multiple layers or play with toppings and coverage opens up a whole multiverse of possibilities for us. Very easy are the cups of coffee cream with chantilly, or the fresh Greek yogurt cream with strawberries. The cup format It gives a lot of play and they always look good at the table, as shown by the two chocolates.

Tangerine Gluten-free tangerine cream

Custard, rice pudding and flan: the classic trio that doesn’t fail

That of calling desserts without an oven no-bake It sounds very modern, but the classics have provided us with lifelong no-bake pleasure. The custard and the Catalan cream They are a variant of puddings from other countries, but due to their prominence in our gastronomic culture, they deserved a separate section. We have the most classic homemade custard and in its version with chocolate, and many others suitable …