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13 Uses of wax paper that you have to know

25 mayo, 2021

No doubt the wax paper It is one of the basics in the kitchen and that is why we invite you to know all the uses that you can give it.

The waxed or waxed paper has a paraffin or wax coating on each side, this makes it non-stick, resistant to humidity and a great tool for cooking thanks to its resistance to high temperatures.

Most people usually use it in baking to cover the molds and thus avoid flouring or greasing, but you will be surprised to know the different options for which this type of paper works.

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Uses of wax paper

  1. Funnel: Reuse the pieces of wax paper, form a kind of cone to easily fill your containers with spices, sugar or salt.
  2. Protector: When you cut the meat, place a layer on the table or bar to prevent the juice from staining everything.
  3. Lid for the wine: To re-close the bottle easily, you just have to cover the cork with paper.
  4. Clean refrigerator: Cover the drawers and shelves to make cleaning more convenient and quick.
  5. Cleaner: Cut a piece and run it between the teeth and blades of the can opener to remove the grime.
  6. Separator: Place a piece between the portions of milanesas, steaks, hamburgers and steaks of all kinds, in addition to helping them not to stick, it prevents you from coming into direct contact with the meat and thus reduces the risk of cross contamination.
  7. Confectionery: In addition to covering the refractories and molds, you can use it to prevent the dough from sticking when kneading it on a surface.
  8. Preserve: Wrap the leftovers of your food and store them in the refrigerator or freezer to keep them fresh.
  9. Fresh waffles: Next time you have leftovers, pile them up and separate with pieces of wax paper, then put them in a plastic bag and freeze them.
  10. Pastry: Use it to make your own piping bags, to cover the molds before baking and to be able to unmold easily.
  11. For lunch: Instead of using plastic bags, wrap your sandwich or sandwich.
  12. Wallpaper: Substitute the aluminum and wrap the fish or meat to prepare recipes in the oven or even in the pan without using fat.
  13. In the microwave: Avoid drying the food and before heating it cover it with a good piece.

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wax paper

Use wax paper when preparing meat, avoid cross contamination.

Characteristics of waxed paper

  • Has a barrier against moisture and grease
  • Sealing and insulating capacity
  • Smooth and slippery texture
  • Barrier to preserve aromas and avoid microorganisms
  • Paraffin apat for food contact
  • Antihaderente
  • Waterproof
  • Coating on both sides
  • Does not alter the taste or aroma of food

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