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13 sweet gluten-free recipes

25 mayo, 2021

One more year we are at the gates of National Celiac Day whose main objective is to inform society about the celiac condition and raise awareness about the difficulties that, day after day, those who suffer from it are. We want to join the cause and, therefore, we bring you 13 sweet gluten-free recipes.

This is not something new. If you remember, we have already published our best gluten-free recipes for # Celiac Day, a compilation full of varied, rich and tasty proposals for everyone to enjoy. Today we expand the recipe book of Directo al Paladar with other 13 sweet gluten-free recipes. We invite you to remember.

13 sweet gluten-free recipes: # Celiac Day

During this period of time we have published many recipes that are perfectly suitable for celiacs. However, we are going to focus on those recipes that we have specifically labeled “gluten-free” for being adaptations of preparations that, in their original form, are not suitable for celiacs. We refer, of course, to the field of confectionery and pastry.

1. Biarritz cake

1366 2000 1

Apparently, the original recipe for the Biarritz cake is a great secret that is only known in the Albás family’s bakery in Barbastro, Huesca. This handmade sweet, adapted for coeliacs in the version that we show you in the link, is made with very basic ingredients and is a tremendously delicate, tender and fluffy. Perfect for breakfasts and snacks.

2. Juicy flourless chocolate, hazelnut and almond cake

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This juicy flourless chocolate, hazelnut and almond cake with a deep cocoa aroma is intense without being cloying. The cereal flour is replaced by hazelnut and ground almond which, controlling the cooking time well, results in a fluffy and slightly moist crumb.

3. Chocolate and carrot biscuits

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If you have never tried to make cakes with vegetables, these chocolate and carrot cakes are a good starting point. They are fluffy, moist in texture and very juicy, like almost all cakes with vegetables. As it does not contain gluten, the whole family can enjoy them, a recipe to keep like gold on a cloth.

4. Gluten-free cookies

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Cookies are a great starting point to lose your fear of gluten-free pastry. They are simple preparations to prepare and their good results are guaranteed. Contrary to what happens with cakes and breads, whose doughs require fluffiness and elasticity, characteristics that gluten provides. These gluten-free cookies remain crispy but not too hard and, if we make them chubby, we will have a softer and more tender interior.

5. Tropical mango and banana cake

1366 2000 4

With surprising texture, this tropical mango and banana cake is especially juicy for a breakfast or snack cake. The responsible ones? The pureed fruits that are incorporated into the dough and provide it with a moisture that makes this sponge cake an original and delicious snack, not to mention the exotic touch of fruits.

6. Chestnut cake

1366 2000 5

Out of season, our starting point for making this cake can be a package of chestnut flour. An option that will avoid the arduous task of peeling and crushing chestnuts. We will only have to substitute whole chestnuts for flour Although, if you want to follow the chestnut cake recipe to the letter, you can always save the recipe and wait until autumn to put it into practice.

7. Lemon meringue tartlets

1366 2000 6

Lovers of citrus sweets who suffer from gluten intolerance have these lemon and meringue tartlets a perfect ally for moments of indulgence. The shortcrust dough base, made with a mixture of gluten-free flours, is so delicate that it crumbles in the mouth and melts with the rest of the flavors. A provocation to the palate in all the rule.

8. Banana cupcakes with cocoa mascarpone coating

1366 2000 7

A real delight, with incredible texture and flavor, which have nothing to envy to those made with wheat flour. This, which seems to be one of the drawbacks of gluten-free cakes, does not come into play with these banana cupcakes with cocoa mascarpone topping. I assure you that, whether or not you suffer from celiac disease, you will fall at the feet of these little cakes.

9. Classic brownie

1366 2000 8

When you prepare this classic brownie and, after giving a good account of it, the tasters rate it as the best brownie I have ever had or a slow death brownie, it is easy to understand that we are faced with an exceptional recipe. From juicy crumb and powerful flavorIt is perfect to accompany a coffee at snack time or to finish off a meal by giving yourself a tribute with a bit of pure pleasure.

10. Rice pudding croquettes

1366 2000 9

If you like rice pudding, this version in the form of croquettes will leave you open-mouthed and wanting more. It is necessary to have gluten-free breadcrumbs, but this is easily found in large surfaces, which makes these rice pudding croquettes a excellent pastry alternative for celiacs.

11. Rice flour and soy yogurt cake

1366 2000 10

Rice flour has a great presence in pastry and confectionery recipes for celiacs and is a great ally of those intolerant to gluten. This rice flour and soy yogurt cake does not rise as much as any other made with wheat flour, but its crumb is juicy and tasty and its consistency is fluffy and light. Another great alternative.

12. Chocolate hazelnut cake

1366 2000 11

As we have seen in previous proposals, the use of ground nuts as a substitute for wheat flour is very common in sweets for celiacs. Buckwheat flour, a gluten-free wheat flour also known as buckwheat, is used in this chocolate and hazelnut cake. It is key to beat the whites well so that the crumb, although less fluffy than with other cakes, is soft and without weighing it down.

13. Carrot cake

1366 2000 12

This carrot cake suitable for celiacs nothing has to envy its namesake with gluten. I am passionate about this sweet and have eaten many throughout my life, but none as tasty or as juicy as this one. Although, for taste, you already know what is said. If you want to get out of doubt, you will have to try it for yourself.

And up to here our 13 sweet gluten-free recipes for # Celiac Day with which we hope, trust and wish to make the lives of those suffering from gluten intolerance a little more friendly and simple. There are alternatives and our proposals prove it, surely you also have some … do you dare to contribute your bit by sharing them with us?

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