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13 recipes with panela cheese for all tastes

28 mayo, 2021

One of the ingredients that we love to include in salads, stews and even desserts, is the Panela cheese. And as! It is delicious, light and, as you may have noticed, it goes with everything.

That is why we share these recipes with panela cheese. The best thing is that they are for all tastes and different times of the day. Enjoy them!

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What you have to know about this cheese

  • It is also known as “basket cheese” or “white cheese”.
  • Its origin is 100% Mexican.
  • It belongs to the category of fresh cheeses, as it is not subjected to any maturation or fermentation process.
  • It only has between 18% and 26% fat, so it is the favorite to take care of the line and the most recommended by nutritionists.
Panela cheese

Depending on the region, panela cheese has other names: basket cheese or white cheese.

Benefits for your health

  • It has a satiating effect that makes you feel satisfied easily.
  • It is low in sodium unlike other aged cheeses.
  • Its consumption is recommended for people suffering from hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and cardiovascular problems.
  • It is an excellent source of protein and calcium, which take care of the bones and muscles.
  • It conserves a lot of water, one of the reasons why it is very light.

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How to keep panela for longer

To keep it in good condition, refrigerate it at a temperature between 2 ° and 6 ° C, in its original packaging. Once opened, store it in a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid to prevent contamination, drying out, and other odors.

Panela cheese

Panela cheese is the favorite recommended by nutritionists.

Recipes with panela

See Recipes:

  • Apple medallion salad with cheese and spinach

    Spinach recipes: apple medallions

    If recipes with spinach are your favorites, don’t miss these apple medallions with panela cheese and spinach. Delicious!

  • Tower of slices of panela cheese, aubergine and arugula

    slices of panela cheese

    To eat something light and delicious, we recommend this tower of slices of panela cheese, aubergine and arugula. You’re going to love it!

  • Roasted panela cheese with green sauce

    Roasted panela cheese with green sauce

    Don’t resist this delicious grilled panela cheese with green sauce. We give you the recipe to make it really irresistible.

  • Fish soup with rice, epazote and panela cheese

    fish soup

    There are days when you crave something warm and healthy to feel good. This fish soup with rice, epazote and panela cheese is ideal for those moments when …

  • Aubergines stuffed with 3 cheeses

    Aubergines stuffed with 3 cheeses

    Combo cheeses have never been so delicious! We present these exquisite aubergines stuffed with 3 cheeses.

  • Bean and Panela Cheese Salad with Chipotle Mustard Dressing

    Bean salad with panela cheese

    The time has come to pamper yourself with something very tasty and easy to prepare. Enjoy this bean salad with panela cheese with mustard and chipotle dressing. It is…

  • Avocados with beans

    Avocados with beans

    Fall in love with the flavor of avocado, highlighting its delicious flavor with incredible recipes like this one, since the incredible avocados with beans will give you that exquisite dish that you have dreamed of so much, …

  • Capresse de nopal

    Capresse de nopal

    Let’s do it! Prepare this very easy cactus capresse salad. To enjoy it even more, we recommend accompanying it with red sauce, what do you think? Keep reading and know what …

  • Potato gratin with aubergine

    Potato gratin with aubergine

    How to make a meal a wonderful moment? It is enough to create a succulent and flavorful dish with this potato gratin with eggplant that we teach you how to prepare; …

  • Tlayudas de nopal with panela

    A delicious, unique and super Mexican snack that we always love is the tlayudas de nopal with panela, all the flavor of our beautiful country combined with new ingredients; a…

  • Nopal roll with panela cheese


    The nopal roll with panela cheese is an excellent option for the whole family. In addition, you will love this recipe because there are very few ingredients you need …

  • Golden panela tacos


    Do not you know what to have for lunch? The golden panela tacos are the best option if what you want is to make something with a good flavor and in a short time.…

  • Pea tamale with panela cheese

    If you are looking for something traditional but original, the pea tamale with panela cheese is perfect. It is also an option for those who are not so fond of meat. You have …