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13 easy recipes to make the most of it

25 mayo, 2021

You already know that the flavor of the spices of Asian cuisine excites me and that is why over the years that I have been publishing my recipes, I have prepared quite a few dishes that include curry, as have the rest of the editors of Directo al Paladar . How we feel passion for curry, today we propose 13 easy recipes to take advantage of it.

As good fans of the flavor of curry, the first thing we want to propose is that you prepare your own curry powders at home, instead of buying the mixtures or massalas already prepared in the supermarket. In addition, this way you will control more the flavor and the amount of spiciness to your liking. In any case, you use the curry mixture that you use, you can prepare with it these thirteen simple recipes to enjoy with this condiment.

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13 simple recipes to make the most of curry

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Starting with meat-based recipes, curry goes well with all varieties. For example, a very simple and very tasty recipe is that of pork ribs with curry and honey, which you can easily prepare and enjoy in a short time since it is a dish that is prepared in a very short time.

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Another simple recipe to enjoy with curry is that of the curried lentils, a surprising combination that everyone will like, especially at this time of year when we fancy spoon recipes, such as stews and legume dishes. The curry lentil recipe is a very original dish compared to the traditional stewed lentils. Try them and you will be convinced with the first spoonful.

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For a quick and informal dinner, our suggestion is this: prepare some pittas with chicken in curry and mango sauce, and you will see how everyone is delighted with a dish that you will prepare in a few minutes and you will see how much you like it.

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To also include some recipes with fish or seafood, we suggest you try the prawns with curried peanut butter, or the original curry rice with cod and egg, two recipes that you will surely repeat, since they are really original and very tasty.

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The chicken curry recipe and variations on it

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If there is an ingredient that works well with curry, surely most of you think of chicken. To make chicken curry, we propose two possibilities, which are more suggestive: If you have guests and you have a little timeWe suggest that you prepare an elegant recipe, that of mild chicken curry served in a crunchy basket of philo pasta, which will make you look great.

On the other hand, if you don’t feel like cooking for a long time, we propose a quick chicken curry recipe, the chicken curry recipe in ten minutes, with which we can indulge ourselves in preparing such a delicious dish in a very short time .

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Starting from the chicken curry recipe, we have come up with some variations that we are sure that you will want to try. Many of them are excellent as a convenience recipe, and others are made on purpose but are always based on that delicious combination of chicken, curry and sauce.

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Thus, we started with the curry chicken meatballs, a dish that, although it was conceived as an appetizer recipe, can also be served as a main dish, increasing the amount of meatballs you serve for each serving.

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If you have leftover chicken curry, you can prepare some croquettes with which you have guaranteed success, because of its flavor, because of the creaminess of the béchamel and because, who does not like croquettes?

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Other good use recipe It is the one for the curry chicken lasagna, ideal for family or friends gatherings, with as good aspect as it is good taste, that everyone who tries it will love.

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Another good option for to enjoy chicken curry in another way, is to prepare hamburgers with this recipe, either by giving out the leftovers that may have been left, or by preparing the hamburgers directly, as explained in the recipe. I assure you that they are to die for.

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To finish, we change the third with an appetizing and comforting chicken curry soup, ideal for the cold days of early fall. With her you will feel the oriental aromas spoon by spoon.

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We end this compilation with some curried chicken noodles with onion, a proposal that will leave diners speechless, who will be pleasantly surprised by the delicate flavor and nuances that curry brings to this dish. Do not stop trying it.

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