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13 desserts with meringue to sweeten your day

28 mayo, 2021

The Meringue It is one of the indulgent ingredients to accompany our desserts, and its soft texture and sweet flavor conquers us at the first taste.

If you already craved it, be sure to try these 13 recipes for meringue desserts, as well as a step by step so you can prepare it super easy and fast.

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Prepare meringue step by step


  • 4 egg whites
  • 350 g of sugar
  • 100g more sugar
  • 125 ml of water
  • ¼ tbsp. of salt

Beat the whites

Place the whites in the blender (perfectly clean and fat-free to avoid sticking), then add the salt and beat on high speed.


In a bowl, pour the water with 350 g of sugar over medium-low heat and stir so that the sugar dissolves and the syrup forms.

Snow point

Meanwhile, the whites will start to foam first, then they will whiten and finally they will reach the famous snow point; To check it, you just have to lift the rod and see that a fine peak is formed.

At this moment, and without stopping to beat, add the remaining 100 g of sugar slowly and in the form of rain. You will see that it begins to have shine and consistency, and the color becomes whiter.

Finish whipping

With the mixer running, add the syrup, still hot, little by little in the form of a thread. Keep beating until touching the mixer no longer feels hot. And voila: the bitumen is ready to spread.

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Tips to cook your meringue

  • Pour the whites into a completely clean, dry bowl.
  • To beat them, use utensils in the same conditions, since any particle of fat or moisture makes the process of increasing their volume more complicated.
  • Also make sure that there is no trace of yolk between the whites that you are going to beat.
  • As an additional fact, if possible, do not prepare weathered food on cold or rainy days, as the humidity-laden environment makes it difficult for the whites to rise, so you will have twice the work.

Recipes with meringue

Your meringue is ready! Now, include it in these delicious recipes that will sweeten your day.

See Recipes:

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