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12 traditional Christmas sweets that cannot be missing from your table

23 mayo, 2021

The December parties are full of different flavors and, of course, they could not miss the traditional christmas sweets.

Today we share the most traditional ones and also some delicious recipes so that you do not miss them on your table and enjoy this Christmas season to the fullest.

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Traditional Christmas sweets from Mexico and other parts of the world

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Christmas candy recipes

Now, to enjoy the sweetest taste of Christmas! Follow these delicious recipes and pamper your palate.

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See Recipes:

  • How to make jericallas

    How to make jericallas

    Do you already know jericalla? It is a delicious typical Mexican dessert that you can prepare at home. Follow the recipe!

  • Gorditas de La Villa, very traditional!

    gorditas de la villa

    Prepare a very traditional chilango dessert: Gorditas de La Villa, just as you tasted them in the Basilica of Guadalupe. Perfect for sharing!

  • Corn pancake bathed with eggnog

    corn pancake bathed with eggnog

    This corn pancake bathed with eggnog is ideal to enjoy this season. We share this delicious recipe with you.

  • Chocolate sandwich cookies

    Alfajores chocolate recipe

    Hurry to prepare these super special chocolate alfajores recipe for this Christmas. Follow the easy step by step.

  • Cajeta nougat with peanut recipe

    Cajeta nougat recipe

    The season has come to prepare this recipe for cajeta nougat with peanuts. Indulge your craving and learn how to prepare it.

  • Walnut marzipan

    walnut marzipan

    This delicious walnut marzipan arrived in your kitchen. We tell you how to prepare it in a delicious way so that you can share it with whoever you love the most.

  • Chocolate and mint covered polvorones

    Mint Chocolate Covered Polvorones

    These Mint Chocolate Covered Polvorones are the perfect dessert for you. Prepare them at home and enjoy them.

  • Dark chocolate black truffles

    dark chocolate black truffles

    Bitter … but delicious! We teach you how to prepare these dark chocolate black truffles that will become your favorites.

  • Nut kisses, learn to prepare them easily

    nutty kisses

    If you are a cookie lover, you will love preparing some delicious walnut kisses, they are a delicious and easy dessert to prepare. HISTORY OF THE COOKIE Everything indicates that …

  • Donuts recipe to prepare at home


    Donut season is coming! This is another traditional Mexican dessert that is usually eaten during the National Holidays, although its demand increases in December as it is usually enjoyed with …