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12 recipes with corn to enjoy the taste of Mexico

29 mayo, 2021

In Mexico everything tastes good, and we have a gastronomic heritage worth showing off. And you can not miss the recipes with corn, a very representative food of our country.

That’s why we share these 12 recipes with corn, delicious and ideal to share. So put your shirt on, and get them all ready!

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Why we love corn

In Mexico it was domesticated more than five thousand years ago, possibly in what is now the state of Oaxaca, and it became the main source of energy in the Mesoamerican diet.

Currently, 3,500 different uses of corn are known, and although most are for food preparation, it is also used in the form of teas and poultices.

The National Institute of Nutrition estimates that corn contributes about 10% of the protein required in the daily diet. It is an ideal cereal to combat high cholesterol levels, it is rich in fiber and a highly energetic food.

prehispanic recipes with corn

Here we share with you the pre-Hispanic recipes with corn that we still enjoy today.

Facts about corn you should know

  • It is sown throughout Mexico, mainly for self-consumption.
  • Its temporality is the whole year.
  • It is composed of 23.4% carbohydrates, 3.7% protein and 1.5% fat
  • There are more than 150 Creole varieties. The main ones are the tuxpeño, tepecín, olosillo, olotón and comiteco.
  • Although it was domesticated in the country, Mexico is the fourth largest producer in the world after the US, China and Brazil. In Mexico there are two production systems: commercial and self-consumption.
  • The grain has a caloric intake of 326 kcal. per 100 grams.
  • Prepared as a gruel, it protects the intestinal mucosa. In the form of an omelette, it strengthens bones and lowers blood glucose.
  • To improve its resistance and performance, its genome was decoded in CINVESTAV and work is being done on its genetic improvement.

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Types of corn

Although there are more than 150 creole varieties, there are 3 main ones that you should know: yellow, white and blue. Which prefer?


yellow corn

  • Hard or toothed, of medium grain and with a pale yellow hue, which is intensified when cooked with lime.
  • Mainly destined for livestock consumption due to its pigments and the production of starches.
  • It has more sugar than the other types, in addition to being rich in vitamin A.


White corn

  • Hard or toothed, slightly pale white in color.
  • It is grown almost exclusively for human consumption.
  • It is traditionally used to make tortillas and tamales in the Gulf, southeastern and central states of Mexico, although it is also used to consume oils.


blue corn

  • Generic name for navy blue, black, gray or dark green varieties. It is very nutritive.
  • It produces a dark blue mass, which is used mainly in Mexico City and the states of Hidalgo, Mexico, Puebla and Morelos to make tortillas.

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