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12 easy and yielding stews for the whole family

25 mayo, 2021

These days when the family is at home, it is the perfect opportunity to show all our enthusiasm and taste for cooking. And for everyone to eat delicious, we share these with you 12 easy and very yielding stews.

So don’t miss the chance for you and your family to put on your apron and everyone to help prepare these easy stews, and enjoy their great flavor.

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Mexican foods that yield the best in the kitchen and ideal for making easy stews

In addition to preparing these delicious stews, you can do many more things with foods originating in Mexico that, in addition to being a tradition on our tables, are very inexpensive, healthy and delicious:

  • Potatoes: you can make from salads, pancakes or a delicious mash.
  • Huazontle: perfect for making pancakes, as a breast filling, or also to serve in a salad.
  • Beans: you can enjoy them as a garnish, either refried, ranch, in broth or soup.
  • Nopales: prepare them in a rich green sauce, combined with beef fajitas or pork rinds.
Mexican gastronomy

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Mexican gastronomy is full of history and flavors that you have to try. Photo: Getty Images

Other Yielding Foods

Although they are not Mexican by origin, they are also a classic in our kitchen:

  • Rice: ideal to be served as a garnish, and you can also use it in consommés and soups.
  • Ground meat: there is a great variety of stews, such as meatballs, picadillo or as stuffed with cabbage or pumpkin.
  • Spaghetti: you can also combine it with egg or other vegetables. It will be delicious!
  • Chicharrón: the classic is to prepare it in green sauce, but also try it as a chicken breader or in a guacamole.
  • Chicken: the possibilities are many: take advantage of it shredded, because it is how it yields more. Make a tinga, some pancakes or a salad.
  • Sausage: prepare them Mexican style or combined with beans or lentils.
  • Egg: If you prepare it scrambled, combine it with vegetables, corn tortilla, sausage, ham, cheese, beans, even rice.
  • Lentils: they are known to be quite yielding and very healthy. Take advantage of them in broths and / or combined with many ingredients.

Do you want to prepare a delicious stew? Try these potato pancakes with quinoa:

Easy and yielding stew recipes

Everything ready to cook? Here we share the easiest, most delicious and most profitable stews!

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