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12 ancient Chinese food recipes straight to your kitchen

28 mayo, 2021

China is a country that captivates us for many reasons: its ancient and legendary mysticism, its unique architecture and, of course, its typical Chinese Food. And, both preparing and eating in the Far East is an art.

You don’t have to go to China to enjoy its delicious and typical dishes. We have brought you 12 recipes with all the ancestral flavor that characterizes it. Be captivated and enjoy these unique aromas and textures.

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In China you don’t just eat rice

The Chinese culinary tradition is divided into different aspects, but they all share the same principles: the dishes must have color, aroma, flavor and shape to make them more attractive.

The Chinese change their diet according to the time of year. For example, in winter they include hearty sauteed or boiled dishes and in summer they opt for cold and lighter preparations.

The most common ingredients in Chinese cuisine are vegetables, seeds, rice and meats such as chicken, duck or beef, but pork loin predominates. This piece of lean meat provides iron and vitamin B, essential to prevent anemia and strengthen the nervous system.

The pork tenderloin has fewer calories than a chicken thigh and if you want to integrate it into your menu, you can sauté it with vegetables to obtain a rich dish with great nutritional contribution.

Something peculiar about Chinese food is that both in its ingredients and in its preparation, the Yin Yang, the balance that maintains the stability of the body, which is why philosophy is also present in your kitchen.


For millennia, the Chinese have used chopsticks in their meals.

Spices, an oriental secret of taste and health

The use of spices as a therapeutic element in the East takes thousands of years. In traditional Chinese medicine, spices such as cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg have been used to treat disease and promote longevity.

And of course, they give your food that typical spicy flavor that characterizes it.

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chinese spices

Spices are one of the main characteristics in Chinese food.

Curiosities about traditional Chinese cuisine

Balanced food

As we have mentioned, in Chinese food the Yin Yang: the yin, in light and refreshing foods for the body (fruits and vegetables) and the yan, in foods related to heat (meat and fried food).

All with chopsticks

These have been used for thousands of years, and for two important reasons: they are very inexpensive and easy to prepare, and also because they allow eating in small and adequate portions.

No drinks!

The Chinese do not drink water or other types of drinks during their meals. The only liquid they ingest are their typical broths.

Inventors of tofu

This food has its origin in China, prepared from soybeans, rich in protein and low in fat.

Vegetarian food, what is that?

And although they have an ingredient of high nutritional value for vegetarians such as tofu, and their food is rich in plant foods, the Chinese do not have a concept of vegetarian food as such. Rather, they believe in a balanced meal.

They don’t use knives

Because knives are associated with weapons, they are not used during the meal, as it is a time of peace and harmony. That is why many of their dishes are shredded.

There is no dessert 🙁

Perhaps this news will disappoint you, but in China dessert meals are not finished.

Chinese food recipes

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