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11 recipes with melon that will make your mouth water

24 mayo, 2021

If there is a fruit in the summer that refreshes the most, it is the melon, which in addition to being a highly hydrating fruit, not in vain its 90% is water, it has many benefits and properties. Some of them would be their low amount of calories, antioxidant substances as well as diuretic properties, and also, the orange varieties are rich in beta-carotene that help us to take color quickly.

If you like to take it natural, then perfect, it is a delicious fruit, but if what you want is to incorporate it in more quantity to your menu and you do not know how to do it, here we bring you 11 refreshing melon recipes that will make your mouth water.

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The appetizer melon

We begin as it should be by snacks. Surely you are thinking of the classic melon with ham, well no, that dish is very good, but for appetizers we dare with something more original such as these nems of Serrano ham with melon and figs.


A Vietnamese specialty that we transform with our very own ingredients, much more Mediterranean and that are ideal both as an aperitif or as a first course in a light dinner.

We will start by cutting the figs into small pieces and put them in a bowl with the Port. Let the mixture marinate for at least 15 minutes. Once the time passes we drain them for a kitchen paper before using them in the recipe. While we cut the melon into cubes and mix it in a bowl with the mascarpone cheese, the fig cubes, the salt and the pepper. Mix well with a fork until smooth. Then we spread a piece of kitchen film on the worktop and spread the slice of Serrano ham, add a quarter of the filling and roll delicately aided by the film. Once we have obtained a cylinder, we film it like a candy, letting it rest for two hours in the fridge. We repeat this operation with the three remaining slices of ham and the rest of the filling.

More appetizers

We also bring you some makis of melon with ham, another nod to Asian cuisine and where we dare to substitute the typical nori seaweed for our Serrano ham, which on this occasion acts as a wrapper for these delicious skewers that will last a jiffy on the plate.

Melon in cream

The Spoon dishes should not be forgotten during the summerHowever, the ideal is to transform them to adapt them to high temperatures and to make cold and warm preparations that are desirable when it is hot. That is why we have chosen this recipe for melon cream with ham chips.


Again the melon and ham pairing is repeated, but this time to take with a spoon and enjoy a delicious first course.

The melon in garnish

Undoubtedly the most original way to take melon is this recipe cantaloupe melon chutney and Port, a delicious mixture ideal to accompany dishes of all kinds of meat, as it pairs perfectly with pork, poultry or beef.

Chutneys are an exotic alternative and capable of brightening up any boring dish. We can also package and sterilize it in jars and thus always have a garnish prepared on the days that we do not feel like cooking.

Melon in salad

This chapter is where melon is a true protagonist, as there are many salads where this fruit combines with other ingredients, providing freshness and that characteristic crunchy touch.


We started with a cantaloupe melon salad with feta cheese and lime. This variety of melon is perfect to combine with savory dishes, especially cheeses and nuts, hence the success of this recipe. So for sure this other melon and gorgonzola salad can also become another of your delicious summer options.


Yes you are more carnivores, you will surely love these two proposalsOn the one hand, a salad of melon, lamb’s lettuce and crispy chicken, or this salad of melon, arugula and tenderloin. Both are prepared in a moment and are delicious when mixing the sweet melon with the salty meat.

With much more variety of ingredients is this Italian melon salad, composed of sweet corn or tomatoes, it is a complete option for a light dinner.

Melon for dessert

If taking melon just seems boring and you have more desire for sweet, look at these three desserts prepared with melon that they have nothing to send to other more elaborate ones.


Melon and fruit soup, a fresh and light proposal that children will love, to those of us who without realizing it we are giving a good dose of vitamins.

Or these fantastic simple melon and yogurt popsicles, ideal for snack time, bringing fruit and dairy in the same preparation. We finished with a very aromatic dessert, melon balls with mint yogurt, a dessert not heavy at all and in which we can mix different varieties of melon to give it an extra flavor and showiness.

Well this has been our compilation of 11 recipes with melon that will make your mouth water. Putting them into practice this summer, surely the melon becomes one of your favorite fruits for when the heat tightens if it was not already, of course.

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