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11 non-alcoholic drinks to beat the heat as a family

22 mayo, 2021

Do you remember the post of the 13 most refreshing alcoholic drinks of the summer? Well, today we come with a new delivery for the smallest of the house and 11 non-alcoholic drinks to combat the heat as a family. We hope that with this mix of traditional drinks and versions of great classics, the heat of these days and the one that is yet to come will be more bearable for you.

11 alcohol-free drinks to beat the heat as a family

1. Horchata

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  • Ingredients for a large pitcher: 250 g of tiger nuts, 200 g of sugar, 1/2 cm of lemon peel, 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon, 1.5 l of very cold water.

  • Preparation with Thermomix: We started hydrating the tigernuts the day before. We put them in a large bowl and cover them with water, which we will change a couple of times. The next day, we drain the tiger nuts and put them in the Thermomix glass along with the sugar, the lemon peel and the cinnamon. Blend for 10 sec / vel 7-10. With the spatula, we lower the remains on the walls and crush another 15 sec / speed 10. Add water to cover the mixture and mix again for 20 sec / speed 5-7-9. Add the rest of the water and mix 20 sec / speed 4, while holding the beaker so that no liquid comes out. Strain using a fine mesh strainer and squeeze the mixture well with the help of a mallet to drain the liquid well. We put the horchata in a jar and store it in the fridge to drink it cold.

Link | horchata

2. Watermelon and mint lemonade

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  • Ingredients: 1 kilo of watermelon, 20 fresh mint leaves, two tablespoons (tureens) of brown sugar, juice of 3 lemons, a liter of mineral water and lots of ice.

  • Elaboration: We are going to start by peeling the watermelon and removing the seeds. Then we cut it into pieces and reserve. Now we rinse the mint leaves and crush them in a jar with the sugar. Now we are going to put the watermelon in the blender glass along with the mineral water and the lemon juice. Blend well until we have a homogeneous liquid. We pour this preparation into the jar that contains the sugar and the crushed mint. Finally we add a handful of ice and stir well. We refrigerate for an hour before serving.

Link | Watermelon and mint lemonade

3. Lemon granita (with Thermomix)

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  • Ingredients for six people: 3 peeled lemons, without any white part or seeds, 200 g of sugar, the skin of a lemon (only the yellow part), 500 g of water and 500 g of ice cubes.

  • Preparation with Thermomix: We start by pouring the sugar into the glass and program 20 seconds at progressive speed 5-7-9. Add the lemon peel and program 20 more seconds. Add the clean lemons and blend for 2 minutes at progressive speed 5-7-9. Add the ice cubes and water and set speed 5 for 30 seconds.

Link | Lemon granita with Thermomix

4. Coffee granita

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  • Ingredients for four people: 500 ml of coffee, 60 g of sugar and 8 ml of lemon juice.

  • Elaboration: The ideal way to have a good coffee granita is to use strong coffee, which is why I start by preparing a good coffee maker fed with a good coffee. If you prefer, you can also use soluble coffee and water, but I prefer the authentic taste of freshly brewed coffee. While the coffee rises, we heat 100 ml of water and dissolve 3 tablespoons of sugar in it. We stir and let it reduce for 5 minutes until we obtain a syrup or syrup that we mix with the coffee. Add the lemon juice and mix well. We taste and rectify the sugar. We place the mixture in a tupperware or on a tray and freeze it for 2 hours. After that time, we break the ice crystals that have started to form using a sharp knife or fork. We return to the freezer and repeat the operation every 30 minutes, until all the contents are small crystals, similar to crushed ice. Each time the color of the mixture will be more golden and less dark. We serve the coffee slushies in tall glass glasses that allow us to enjoy the vision of the crystals and optionally we decorate it with lemon zest.

Link | Coffee granita

5. Pineapple lemonade

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  • Ingredients for 1 liter: 1 medium-sized pineapple, 30 ml of lemon juice, 1 piece of fresh ginger, 1 liter of sparkling water, stevia or sugar to taste.

  • Elaboration: Peel the pineapple removing all the rind, trying to preserve the juices that it may release. Cut up. Peel and mince the ginger. Squeeze the lemon juice. Place all the ingredients in the glass of a mixer or blender. Blend well until there is a homogeneous mixture without lumps. Test the sweetness point and adjust the amount of stevia or sugar. Pass through a strainer or sieve if you want a totally clean drink. Transfer to a jug and chill in the fridge. Serve with ice to taste.

Link | Pineapple lemonade with a hint of ginger

6. Raspberry lemonade

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  • Ingredients: 150 g of raspberries (fresh or frozen), 1 liter of cold water, 2 unpeeled lemons, cut into quarters, 2 sprigs of mint leaves, 4 tablespoons of sugar and 8 or 10 ice cubes.

  • Elaboration: We started by putting the raspberries in a food processor and crushing them. In the Thermomix 5 sec / speed 7. Add half a liter of water, lemons and sugar and blend again. In the Thermomix, holding the cup with your hand, we chop turbo / 2 sec / 1 time. We add the rest of the water and stir. We test how sugar it is and if necessary add one more tablespoon, depending on what we like as sweet. We strain the lemonade and put it in a jug. Add the ice cubes and the mint leaves and serve.

Link | Raspberry lemonade

7. American recipe for homemade lemonade

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  • Ingredients: 5 lemons, 400 ml of water, 100 g of sugar, 20 g of lemon zest and 10 ice cubes.

  • Elaboration: The fundamental secret of this homemade lemonade is not to use water and sugar mixed with the citrus juice but instead to first prepare a syrup with the water and sugar. By proceeding in this way, the sugar will be perfectly dissolved. For this reason, you will see that this lemonade is very stable, that even one day after preparing it, it remains perfectly balanced, without the sugar precipitating at the bottom of the jar or “cutting” the liquid, separating the water from the lemon juice. We put the water and the sugar in a saucepan with some lemon rinds and bring to a boil, stirring until the sugar dissolves. After about ten minutes over a very low heat, we will obtain a light syrup, which will have practically not thickened. We let the syrup cool down and store it. We will have obtained approximately 450 ml of syrup. To make a pitcher of lemonade, we put half of the syrup (225 ml) in the bottom of a large pitcher. We cut the lemons in half and each one we removed a very thin slice that we also added to the jar to decorate. Squeeze and pour the juice over the water and sugar syrup, filling the jug with a little more cold water and stirring slightly. Add the ice and put the jar in the fridge for five minutes to finish cooling before serving.

Link | American homemade lemonade recipe

8. Spiced almond chai tea

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  • Ingredients for two people: 3 cups of water, 3 tablespoons of black tea, 2 cinnamon sticks, 1 vanilla bean. fresh ginger to taste, honey to taste, 6 cloves, 8 cardamom pods, ground pepper to taste, orange peel, ice to taste and a cup of almond milk.

  • Elaboration: In a saucepan we add the glasses of water and add the black tea, the cinnamon, the vanilla bean cut lengthwise and open, the honey to taste (I put 1 tablespoon), a pinch of grated ginger, the cloves, the pods lightly crushed cardamom, a pinch of ground black pepper and the orange peels. We bring all these ingredients to a boil and reduce the heat when they start to boil. We let them continue doing it for about 20 minutes or until they are reduced, more or less to a cup. Remove from heat and let cool to room temperature. We strain the remaining liquid. We fill two glasses with crushed ice and divide the tea mixture between us. We complete with almond milk and serve.

Link | Spiced almond chai tea

9. Moorish-style iced green tea

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  • Ingredients: green tea, brown sugar, a few sprigs of peppermint.

  • Elaboration: Heat water to a boil to clean the kettle. Rinse for a couple of minutes and pour out the water. Heat water to a boil in a saucepan and turn off the heat. Put a tablespoon of brown sugar and a tablespoon of green tea for each person into the kettle. Pour some water into the kettle and let it steep for a minute. Dump the water and the tea will no longer have bitter notes. Now add the rest of the water that we had boiled, which will be approximately 85º and let it infuse. Also add a handful of mint and let it rest for 4 minutes. Transfer the resulting tea to a pitcher and let it cool. Serve in a wide glass with 3 ice stones and a bunch of mint.

Link | Three recipes for iced tea

10. Rooibos iced tea with hibiscus flowers and honey

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  • Ingredients: 4 rooibos tea bags, a tablespoon of hibiscus flowers and 1 tablespoon of honey.

  • Elaboration: Although rooibos is not actually a variety of tea, it is a very similar infusion that many people like and does not contain theine. We put 3 bags of rooibos to infuse in 600 ml of water at 90º of temperature and we add the hibiscus flowers and honey. This way we get a sweeter infusion with a more intense red color reminiscent of patxarán. We cool and distribute, straining the liquid well, in 4 glasses putting three ice cubes in each one.

Link | Three recipes for iced tea

11. Chinese oolong tea with sugar and lemon

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  • Ingredients: 10 g of Chinese oolong tea leaves, 4 lemon slices, a tablespoon of brown sugar and 600 ml of water

  • Elaboration: Although when taken hot, this tea is enjoyed without the need to add sugar or other aromas, to make an iced tea I like to add a tablespoon of brown sugar to the infusion and when serving it, put a slice of lemon in each glass. Thus, it is splendidly combined with the sweet and slightly smoky flavor of this variety formed by rolled leaves that form …