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11 non-alcoholic cocktails to enjoy a special New Year’s Eve even if you can’t drink

22 mayo, 2021

In Spain the festivities are closely linked to the exacerbated consumption of wine, beer and spirits. We live in an alcoholic society, in which It seems inconceivable to spend a New Year’s Eve without hitting the birdseed, but it is possible to give a festive air to our drinks without resorting to wine and cocktails.

Offer non-alcoholic alternatives to wine or beer It is something that all people who cannot drink (either due to a pregnancy or a medical condition) will appreciate, but also all those who simply do not feel like getting drunk or want to take care of their health: it must be remembered that it is considered a risk consumption the ingestion in a day of more a glass or two beers.

Health, alcohol and hypocrisy: is there a moderate consumption or is it an invention of the industry?

This selection of classic non-alcoholic cocktails, smoothies, lemonades, and other cold drinks will make New Years Eve a party. They are not the healthiest in the world either, because almost all of them have a lot of sugar, but it is worse to add to the sweet alcohol. Not all can be perfect.

1. Shirley Temple Cocktail


We simply have to place all the ingredients in a jar with plenty of ice (including the cherry syrup), reserving to decorate a couple of orange slices and some cherries (also known as sour cherries or marasquinas, which is the name of the variety used) . Finally you can add a splash of grenadine, which gives the cocktail more color and flavor.

Link | Shirley Temple cocktail.

2. Moorish-style iced green tea

Moruno Green Tea
  • Ingredients: green tea, brown sugar, a few sprigs of peppermint.

  • Elaboration: Heat water to a boil to clean the kettle. Rinse for a couple of minutes and pour out the water. Heat water to a boil in a saucepan and turn off the heat. Put a tablespoon of brown sugar and a tablespoon of green tea for each person into the kettle. Pour some water into the kettle and let it steep for a minute. Dump the water and the tea will no longer have bitter notes. Now add the rest of the water that we had boiled, which will be approximately 85º and let it infuse. Also add a handful of mint and let it rest for 4 minutes. Transfer the resulting tea to a pitcher and let it cool. Serve in a wide glass with 3 ice stones and a bunch of mint.

Link | Three recipes for iced tea

3. Non-alcoholic Michelada

Michelada Robb1e
  • Ingredients: 1 third or can of very cold non-alcoholic beer, the juice of a lime, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, Maggi Juice, tomato juice (optional), salt, ice.

  • Elaboration: The ingredients of the michelada vary enormously between countries, although the most widespread version consists of pouring a third of beer over a glass with ice, adding the juice of a lime, salt, and different sauces to taste. The usual thing is to add a few drops of Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce and Maggi Juice. Some also add a little tomato juice or Clamato. If you want more spicy you can also add a little chili powder. The michelada masks the usual lack of flavor of non-alcoholic beer and is a great way to liven up the party for those who cannot or do not want to drink.

4. San Francisco Cocktail

San Francisco
  • Ingredients: 15 cl of orange juice, 3 cl of lemon juice, 6 cl of pineapple juice, 3 cl of peach juice, 3 cl of grenadine, ice

  • Elaboration: One of the most classic non-alcoholic cocktails, or ‘mocktail’, which must be prepared in a shaker, as if it were a combination with alcohol. Just add all the juices to the shaker, shake well, and pour the mixture into a tall, wide glass, Collins type, filled with ice. It can be garnished with an orange slice and a cherry.

5. Mango, pineapple and lime smoothie

Mango Smoothie
  • Ingredients: 200 g of peeled mango, 300 ml of pineapple juice, juice and zest of a lime.

  • Elaboration: We start by peeling the mango and cutting it into small pieces. We put them in a container suitable for the freezer and freeze the fruit for a minimum of two hours. Once the time has passed, we toss the frozen mango pieces into the glass of a blender or food processor, add the pineapple juice, the lime juice and the zest, reserving a small amount to decorate. We mash everything with the mixer until it thickens and we do not see any pieces of mango without crushing. We put the smoothie In glasses, decorate with the lime zest and some mint leaves. We serve immediately.

Link | Mango, pineapple and lime smoothie

6. Pineapple lemonade with a hint of ginger

Pina Lemonade
  • Ingredients for 1 liter: 1 medium-sized pineapple, 30 ml of lemon juice, 1 piece of fresh ginger, 1 liter of sparkling water, stevia or sugar to taste.

  • Elaboration: Peel the pineapple removing all the rind, trying to preserve the juices that it may release. Cut up. Peel and mince the ginger. Squeeze the lemon juice. Place all the ingredients in the glass of a mixer or blender. Blend well until there is a homogeneous mixture without lumps. Test the sweetness point and adjust the amount of stevia or sugar. Pass through a strainer or sieve if you want a totally clean drink. Transfer to a jug and chill in the fridge. Serve with ice to taste.

Link | Pineapple lemonade with a hint of ginger

7. Raspberry lemonade

Raspberry Lemonade
  • Ingredients: 150 g of raspberries (fresh or frozen), 1 liter of cold water, 2 unpeeled lemons, cut into quarters, 2 sprigs of mint leaves, 4 tablespoons of sugar and 8 or 10 ice cubes.

  • Elaboration: We started by putting the raspberries in a food processor and crushing them. In the Thermomix 5 sec / speed 7. Add half a liter of water, lemons and sugar and blend again. In the Thermomix, holding the cup with your hand, we chop turbo / 2 sec / 1 time. We add the rest of the water and stir. We test how sugar it is and if necessary add one more tablespoon, depending on what we like as sweet. We strain the lemonade and put it in a jug. Add the ice cubes and the mint leaves and serve.

Link | Raspberry lemonade

8. Guacamole ‘smoothie’

Guacamole Smoothie
  • Ingredients: 1 avocado, 25 cl of tomato juice, 5 cl of lime juice, 1 small and chopped green chili, 1 clove of garlic, soda (optional), ice.

  • Elaboration: Serve the ingredients in the blender glass and add two tablespoons of crushed ice. Beat for a minute and serve in a tall glass. To give it some zing and lighten the texture you can add a touch of soda.

9. American lemonade

American Lemonade
  • Ingredients: 5 lemons, 400 ml of water, 100 g of sugar, 20 g of lemon zest and 10 ice cubes.

  • Elaboration: The fundamental secret of this homemade lemonade is not to use water and sugar mixed with the citrus juice but instead to first prepare a syrup with the water and sugar. By proceeding in this way, the sugar will be perfectly dissolved. For this reason, you will see that this lemonade is very stable, that even one day after preparing it, it remains perfectly balanced, without the sugar precipitating at the bottom of the jar or “cutting” the liquid, separating the water from the lemon juice. We put the water and the sugar in a saucepan with some lemon rinds and bring to a boil, stirring until the sugar dissolves. After about ten minutes over a very low heat, we will obtain a light syrup, which will have practically not thickened. We let the syrup cool down and store it. We will have obtained approximately 450 ml of syrup. To make a pitcher of lemonade, we put half of the syrup (225 ml) in the bottom of a large pitcher. We cut the lemons in half and each one we removed a very thin slice that we also added to the jar to decorate. Squeeze and pour the juice over the water and sugar syrup, filling the jug with a little more cold water and stirring slightly. Add the ice and put the jar in the fridge for five minutes to finish cooling before serving.

Link | American homemade lemonade recipe

10. Smoothie pineapple, mango and coconut water

Mango Coconut
  • Ingredients for four people: 1 natural pineapple, 1 mango, 1 orange, 250 ml of coconut water, 10 g of fresh ginger, 40 g of honey, 200 g of ice.

  • Elaboration: We peel the pineapple and remove the core, which can ruin the smoothie, as it is too fibrous. Cut the pineapple into pieces and place it in the blender glass. Next, we peel the mango and remove the meat from the inner bone. We discard the bone and put the mango pieces in the blender glass, along with the pineapple. We peel the orange, leaving no traces of white skin so that the smoothie and we cut it in two. We peel the ginger and chop it. Add the orange and ginger to the blender along with the honey and coconut water. We grind until no pieces of fruit are noticeable and we have obtained a creamy consistency. We remove from the glass. Finally, we add the ice to the blender glass and crush them until we get a slushie. We add the fruit smoothie to the glass again, we beat to mix well and we have our smoothie clever. We adjust the point of thickness to taste, adding more coconut water if we consider it necessary.

Link | Smoothie pineapple, mango and coconut water

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11. Sangrita

  • Ingredients: 16 cl of lime juice, 36 cl of tomato juice, 48 cl of orange juice, 2 teaspoons of grenadine, 5 strokes of Worcestershire sauce, 1 touch of ground black pepper, 1 fresh chili, finely chopped, salt to taste.

  • Elaboration: In a large jug, pour the orange juice, tomato juice, lime juice and grenadine. Then add the salt, the …