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11 light dinner recipes to lose pounds without going on a diet

22 mayo, 2021

The real problem in January is the fight against the scale to lose the extra kilos. But you would do well to run away from strict diets and, perhaps, of any type of diet that you are not capable of maintaining over time: only a true change in habits will allow you to maintain a healthy diet and control your weight.

As much as we repeatedly talk about the convenience of eating less carbohydrates or fats (that debate that already seems eternal), the truth is that, after decades of studies on nutrition, the conclusions about what truly loses weight are counted on the fingers of one hand.

We analyze the seven most popular diets of the moment (and only one does not seem like a scam)

As I recently explained Gina kolata in a very interesting article published in The New York Times (available in Spanish), most studies comparing diets give similar results: there is no difference in weight loss between study groups, as long as calorie intake remains the same.

Any diet that restricts calories results in weight loss, but some diets are simply not healthy, even if they help you lose a few kilos.

Cooking Christmas

AÇAÍ BOWL, a healthy, delicious, nutritious and super easy breakfast to make Instafood

Cooking is the best way to lose weight

The only really true consensus on diet is that unprocessed or little processed foods, in addition to a large intake of fruits and vegetables, can improve health. And that is why, as we constantly repeat, the true solution to maintain a healthy diet and keep the kilos at bay is get in the habit of cooking.

It’s not always easy to eat well at work, that’s why it is important that we take care of dinners, so that they are light and balanced, but also appetizing: there is no better way to ruin a diet than forcing yourself to eat bland dishes, which we will soon abandon.

These 11 dinner proposals, in addition to being healthy and easy to prepare, will bring joy to your table. And this is the only effective way for a family to truly eat a healthy diet.

1. Steamed broccoli with lemon tahini dressing

Broccoli tahini

In Spain we have cooked traditionally boiled vegetables, with little added other than some potato and olive oil, but this is the best way to end up getting bored with vegetables. It is enough to cook the horalizas in the steam and in the oven and add a dressing that gives it some grace so that the dishes change completely. And this is a good example.

We separate the bouquets from the broccoli from the trunk and cut the latter into bite-size portions. We wash everything and put them in a steamer. Heat a little water in a saucepan, add the bicarbonate (which will help enhance the green) and place the steamer on top. We steam for five minutes so that it is al dente. We prepare the dressing and, for this, we squeeze the lemon and mix it with the tahini or sesame paste and the extra virgin olive oil. Add water to lighten the dressing and stir, you will notice that it becomes paler, and season with salt and ground white pepper. We cut the cashews and toast them in a frying pan without oil. We just want them to take temperature and a little color, with what they will become more aromatic and tasty. We serve the broccoli with the sauce on top and the toasted cashews for garnish.

Link | Steamed broccoli with lemon tahini dressing

2. Baked sea bass


Baked fish is a perfect dinner: is healthy and prepares in a jiffy. The potato and onion base adds flavor to the dish, but if you want to make it even lighter you can do without the tuber.

  • Ingredients: 1 sea bass (for one, two or more people depending on the size), 1 potato, 1 onion, 75 ml of water and extra olive oil.

  • Elaboration: Cut the potatoes with a mandolin or a knife into thin slices and cut the onion into julienne strips. and we spread it over the potatoes. Add a little salt, a splash of extra virgin olive oil, 75 ml of water and bake for fifteen minutes at 180º. At the fishmonger we will have asked to prepare the open seabass to grill on the back. We salt and pepper the fish and brush with a pinch of oil and put it in the oven over the potatoes that are already beginning to cook. We let the fish roast at the same temperature until putting a lace under the rasp, we see that it rises easily and then we turn off the oven and remove the source. The time required will be between 12 and 20 minutes depending on the size of the piece.

Link | Quick and easy baked sea bass


3. Stewed lentils


Now that it’s cold, nothing better than a classic legume dish. It is enough to do without the chorizo ​​to significantly reduce the caloric intake of the dish and, in addition, it is perfect to do more and to be able to take a healthy tupperware to work in the following days.

  • Ingredients for four people: 250 g of lentils, 100 g of green pepper, 80 g of onion, 70 g of leek, 100 g of carrot, 250 g of potato, 50 g of tomato sauce or natural tomato, 6 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, 1 clove of garlic, bay leaf, salt, a teaspoon of sweet paprika.

  • Elaboration: We will start by washing the lentils. On the other hand, we chop the onion, carrot, green pepper, leek and tomato into small pieces if it is natural. In a pot we put three tablespoons of olive oil to heat, add the vegetables except the tomato and fry them over low heat for five minutes, salting them slightly. Add the diced tomato or the homemade tomato sauce and cook for three more minutes. Add the lentils, the bay leaf and the potatoes, tearing them with the knife. We give a few turns with a wooden spoon and let everything cook together for two minutes, add cold water until it covers the lentils about two centimeters above. Salt and cook covered for fifteen minutes if we do them in an express pot or fifty minutes if it is in a traditional pot.When they are cooked we prepare a pan with the remaining oil and heat it. Add the sliced ​​garlic clove and lightly brown it, remove the pan from the heat and add the paprika, stirring and adding this sauce to the pot of lentils. Let them cook for five more minutes and serve them hot.

Link | Stewed lentils

4. Mediterranean-style chicken with olives and capers

Mediterranean Chicken

Chicken stews are very popular throughout the year, but this light dish is also very easy to prepare. You can use the part of the bird that you like the most, respecting the different cooking times, be it whole chicken, thighs or even breast fillets.

  • Ingredients for four people: 800 g of chicken, 2 red onions, 2 red peppers, 2 cloves of garlic, 30 ml of extra virgin olive oil, a few strands of saffron, 300 ml of chicken broth (better if homemade), half a teaspoon of sweet paprika , 50 g of olives, 25 g of capers, 1 lemon in juice, salt and pepper to taste, basil to taste.

  • Elaboration: We will start by heating a casserole with the oil and sautéing the chicken until it is golden brown. Chop the onions into pieces and the peppers into strips, as well as the small garlic cloves. Once golden brown, remove the chicken from the casserole, and fry the pepper and onion for two minutes, add 50 milliliters of water, cover the pot and cook the vegetables for 10 minutes. Once the time passes we add the minced garlic cloves, and put the meat back in the casserole. Add the saffron and the chicken broth, season with the paprika and season with salt and pepper. Bring the liquid to a boil and add the olives, capers and lemon juice. Cook with the pot uncovered for 20 minutes or until the meat is tender. Garnish when serving with some fresh basil leaves.

5. Thistle in almond sauce

Thistle Almonds

This is one of the few typical Christmas recipes that besides being light it is easy to prepare, so there is nothing wrong with preparing it again after the holidays. The ideal is to buy fresh thistle, but if you cannot find it or you are lazy to peel it and clean it, it is always better to resort to canning than to put it aside, as in this recipe.

  • Ingredients for four people: 1 large pot of thistle, 1 handful of almonds, 1 handful of pine nuts, 2 sliced ​​garlic cloves, wheat flour, milk, extra virgin olive oil and salt.

  • Elaboration: We start by putting the thistles with the liquid they carry in a saucepan and heat it. Grind the almonds and pine nuts with a food processor, if you want a thicker texture to remain, you can do it in a mortar. Laminate the garlic, heat a little oil in a saucepan and brown them. We add 2 tablespoons of flour and sauté for a minute. Add the almonds and pine nuts, stir and let it do a little more. Add a splash of milk and also a little of the liquid from the thistles, in sufficient quantity to be able to stir the sauté well and let it thicken a little. We put the drained thistles in another casserole and top with the almond sauce. With great care, so that the thistles do not break or fall apart, we stir so that they are well impregnated with the sauce. The best thing is to shake the casserole so that everything comes together. We serve when everything is tied.

Link | Thistle in almond sauce

6. Poke salad of tuna and seaweed with avocado


This tuna and seaweed poke salad with avocado is tasty, fun, fresh, healthy, satisfying and is prepared in zero coma. As can be seen in the photo, the usual thing is to accompany it with rice, but we can do without this perfectly to have a dish with fewer calories.

  • Ingredients for one person: 150 g of fresh tuna, 3 g of dried wakame seaweed, 2 g of dried hijiki seaweed, 1 small spring onion, 3 stalks of chives, 1 small or medium large avocado, 5 g of black and / or white sesame seeds, 5 ml of soy sauce, 2 ml of sesame oil (optional), dried chili to taste, lemon or lime juice and salt.

  • Elaboration: We dry the tuna well with kitchen paper and cut into bite-size cubes with a good knife. Rehydrate the wakame seaweed and hijiki in a bowl with hot water, about 5-10 minutes. We drain very well and chop. We wash and chop the chives very fine and the …