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11 ideas to take advantage of the ripe bananas that remain in the fruit bowl (and 41 recipes to get the most out of them)

21 mayo, 2021

How many times do I find bananas in the fruit bowl that, having reached a certain point of maturity, my children’s foodies refuse to eat. Despite being one of their favorite fruits, by the time they turn slightly brown, they don’t even look at them. As this is something quite common in my house, and I do not like wasting food, I always give a second chance to the ripe bananas left in the fruit bowl.

When the heat hits, bananas ripen faster. It is possible that, if we do not consume them quickly, we will find a few ripe bananas in the fruit bowl and we need ideas to take advantage of them so they don’t end up in the trash. For this reason, we compile here a good handful of elaborations with which to give them a new life.

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1. Tostas

Banana Toast

The way to take advantage of the ripe bananas that remain in the fruit bowl I use the most is to mash them with a fork, until they are pureed. Cover a French toast with it and drizzle it with honey. This is one of my children’s favorite breakfasts, who make me wave every time I prepare it. They get so happy that they make me wonder if they let the bananas ripen on purpose.

And, ripe or unripe, bananas can be mixed with other ingredients to make nutritious toasts, perfect for breakfasts, snacks or light dinners. This is the case of this avocado, banana and honey toast, whose simple recipe is reproduced below.

Cut the bread slices leaving a thickness of 2-2.5 cm. Toast only on one side, for example using an ungreased skillet or griddle. Remove. Remove the pulp from the avocado by removing the bone and mash with a fork roughly, adding a few drops of lime juice. Spread generously on the toasted side of the bread. Peel the banana and cut into thin slices. Spread over the avocado. Sprinkle with the lime juice, add chili flakes to taste and finish each toast with a string of honey. Serve immediately.

2. Banana bread

The banana bread It is a classic of Anglo-Saxon pastry. Although the literal translation would be “banana bread”, it is actually a sponge cake enriched with the fruit. Fluffy, with a lot of flavor and a wonderful point of humidity, in the United States and the United Kingdom it is usually eaten during breakfast or a snack, accompanied by butter, jam, etc., although it is almost best to enjoy it alone.

There are many versions of this sweet, to which nuts or chocolate are usually added. We leave you a list of the best:

3. Biscuits

Banana cake

We said that the banana bread It is more of a cake than a bread, but it should not be confused with a cake as such, as it is more moist and dense. What it does not mean, that it cannot be add banana to a conventional sponge cake. All these cake recipes are perfect to take advantage of ripe bananas, and they are delicious.

4. Cookies

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If your pantries are peeled and you only have a package of rolled oats and some ripe bananas, do not despair because this will be enough to prepare some very healthy cookies with two ingredients. No sugar, no egg, no milk, no flour. Incredible, but as true as these cookies are delicious. But they are not the only cookies that you can prepare with ripe banana. We leave you here other equally delicious ideas:

5. Cakes

Banana cake

In addition to cookies and cakes, the ripe banana can be used to make all kinds of cakes, sweeter, ideal to enjoy with the family or take to friends’ houses. As the banana is also a very sweet fruit, its use reduces the amount of sugar, which leaves us a somewhat healthier pastry.

6. Pancakes

Banana pancakes

Adding ripe, mashed bananas to a classic pancake batter is elevate a great candy to another category. And if, together with the banana, we incorporate other types of fruits such as blueberries, strawberries or similar, then we already embroider the result. The banana not only gives the dough softness, but also a very pleasant sweetness that will be balanced with the acidity of the other fruits.

If they don’t come out perfect the first time, don’t worry, because it’s about getting the point of the dough, the pan and the power of the fire. But once you get the hang of this sugar-free, flourless banana pancake recipe, it will become part of your regular repertoire.

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7. Muffins and muffins

Banana muffins

Of course, another of the most popular ways to take advantage of ripe bananas is to turn them into muffins or muffins. As with banana bread, there are many recipes that can be found for this typical Anglo-Saxon preparation, in which the banana can be mixed with other fruits and nuts. We leave you here our favorites:

8. Ice cream

Banana Ice Cream

If you have not tried to make the popular single ingredient ice cream, you are already taking time. The result is fabulous, the effort is almost zero and you do not need a refrigerator. How many times have I said that this is the type of recipe that I like and how many have I already published! Here we leave you our favorites:

9. Smoothies


When we feel like it a cool and refreshing drink, with less body than the previous sweets but equally delicious, we can put those ripe bananas in the blender glass, along with milk, yogurt or other fruits and transform it into a delicious smoothie or smoothie. Tasty and irresistible. We leave you here the best recipes to drink the banana:

10. Salty dishes


Although the banana is a very sweet fruit, it can also be used in savory dishes, precisely to achieve an interesting contrast. The preparation that first comes to mind is the classic Cuban rice, in which the banana accompanies a white rice with tomato sauce and fried egg, but it can be used in other recipes like these:

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11. Grilled banana

Banana BBQ

By last, a very summer suggestion, is to roast the bananas on the grill. We just need to make a cross cut to the skin and open it slightly, sprinkle with brown sugar, place them on the rack and let them roast slowly until they reach the desired point. Served with cream cheese they make an unsurpassed dessert.

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