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101 Thermomix recipes to never get bored

22 mayo, 2021

Do you have a Thermomix? If your answer is yes, get ready for your kitchen robot to smoke this summer, as we have compiled 101 Thermomix recipes to never get bored. It will be impossible for you not to find one to prepare it, what’s more, you can plan your week’s menus combining the dishes that we propose and save time and effort.

If, for example, you are lazy to cook during the hottest months of the year, use and abuse this robot. Or if during the week you don’t have the energy to get involved with your daily meals, feel free to put it to work every day as well. The result will be so much to the liking of your guests, that you will surely incorporate the recipes that we propose to your usual repertoire. All this with little effort and without dirtying the kitchen, something that is especially appreciated when we are on vacation or in times of a lot of work.



In summer light and refreshing recipes are welcome. They fancy at any time of the day, but especially for breakfast or a snack We propose five options that you will surely not be able to resist. Start the day using your Thermomix to prepare some delicious fruit smoothies and continue in the afternoon to have a cold horchata or a lemon slush. Doesn’t your mouth water just for mentioning it?

Lemon Slush

We started pouring the sugar into the glass and we program 20 seconds at progressive speed 5-7-9. Add the skin of one of the lemons, without the white part, and program 20 more seconds. Add the three lemons well peeled, without anything white, and blend for 2 minutes at progressive speed 5-7-9. Add the ice cubes and water and set speed 5 for 30 seconds.

Other drinks:

Soups and creams


Yes, we are in summer and they do not feel like hot dishes, that’s why we are going to tempt you with six soups and cold creams that you can prepare as light first dishes, because with the heat it is not the most appropriate to offer heavy recipes. From a classic gazpacho, salmorejo or vichysoisse to an original cucumber and avocado cream, they are all delicious.



It is worth turning the oven on for a while to bake our own breads. With the Thermomix it is very easy to get started in the art of kneading, so much so that it sure creates a real addiction for you. Whether in the form of bread or muffins, do not let the spike speed of your most complete kitchen machine fill with mold.

Bread At Home

Cocas, empanadas and pizzas


A dinner with friends, an evening with the little ones watching their favorite movie on TV or simply for the pleasure of enjoying a very special snack, any excuse is good to prepare one of the following proposals. Of course, imagination to power, so if you come up with any other ingredient to add, don’t be shy! Although then you will have to tell it so that we write it down for the next one.

Pasta and rice


Yes, yes, we are in summer and we are careful with what we eat to be able to look our best in a swimsuit when we go to the beach or the pool. Even so, who wants to definitively give up the carbohydrates that rice and pasta give us? In moderation, but do not miss these succulent dishes that you will have ready in no time thanks to the Thermomix.



Accompanying our dishes with a delicious sauce is a complement that we must not forget, in addition there is nothing like preparing it at home so that the result is the best and the ingredients are the most natural.



When you taste how delicious the meat made with the Thermomix is you will wonder why you had not done it before with her. I especially like how the chicken turns out, but try yourself with other varieties and you will tell us the results.

Fish and other seafood


Fish is an ingredient that is difficult for me to prepare in a way other than fried or grilled, that is why I like the proposals that I leave you below. they allow me to vary on the recipes that I always make and they are also delicious!



Although now may not be the best time of year, because in summer it is very hot, ** do not lose sight of these two recipes for stews with legumes **, because in addition to being delicious they are really easy to prepare with the Thermomix.



For those occasions when you do not want to complicate yourself too much or to get out of trouble if you have unforeseen guests, it is best to organize a snack which is always enjoyed given its totally informal character. Uncork a good wine and let yourself go.



Sometimes the main dish is so important as the garnish that accompanies itThat’s why I bring you some delicious recipes from which you can choose the one you like the most.

Cakes and pastries


A cake or a cake is always a finishing touch to close any menu, especially if we have guests and we want to show off in front of them. With the Thermomix it is very easy to achieve a surprising and delicious result, choose from any of our options that we assure you of colossal success.

Baking, Life Is Sweet

Baking, Life Is Sweet



Take advantage that in the summer months is when we can enjoy the best fruits and vegetables to prepare delicious jams with them that we can consume during the rest of the year. We propose two recipes that differ from the traditional ones, but we encourage you to make your own combinations of ingredients.

Ice cream and sorbets


I am hooked on the ice cream and sorbets that I prepare with this food processor Is so easy! It is not necessary to fill our kitchen with other robots such as a refrigerator, I assure you that the result obtained with the Thermomix is ​​really professional.

Homemade Ice Cream.  Tubs, Popsicles and desserts

Homemade Ice Cream. Tubs, Popsicles and desserts



In this section we have included a selection of desserts, spoon or small bites, to the occasions when you do not want to prepare a bigger sweet like a cake or a cake. Proportionally vary the ingredients to increase or decrease the amounts.



Breakfasts and snacks they are not the same without a delicious sponge cake to accompany our coffee, tea, chocolate or any other drink. You already know that the variety is the taste, so take a look at our selection that you will surely want to prepare them all.

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Cookies and muffins


Now that the smallest of the house are on vacation, you can take advantage of an afternoon to prepare cookies and muffins with them for your snacks. You will enjoy a lot both the experience and the recipes you choose, and the children will have a great time with you.

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