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101 refreshing recipes to beat the heat wave

24 mayo, 2021

We already have a new “heat wave” on us, and it looks more like a tsunami that we are not going to get rid of for several days. The role of food is very important and, although we should be tanned (because this happens every year: it is summer), it does not hurt to have on hand the 101 best recipes with which to fight the heat wave.

We have covered the general guidelines on what to eat and drink when it is very hot just a couple of days ago: consume foods with high hydration power such as fruits and vegetables, cook lightly avoiding excess fat, apply healthy cooking, drink water, teas and other infusions and, for those who tolerate them, incorporate spicy ingredients in our preparations. Today we go further with concrete proposals and the 101 best recipes to make the heat more bearable.

Warm salads, the ultimate guide: 27 ideas to lose weight without getting bored

Pipirrana recipe Jaén salad is the perfect summer garnish


Along with the gazpachos and cold soups, salads are one of the most recurring dishes of the summer. They are easy to prepare, allow variations and combinations of all kinds, and assemble in a jiffy. We can make them as light or heavy as we like. Those of vegetables and vegetables keep us hydrated and nourished without filling, although we can complement them with meat and fish to turn them into a unique dish.

Recipes for the heat wave Creamy cucumber salad

The secret of a good salad is to make combinations that allow us to be satisfied without raising the calories too much. By following these nine golden rules you will have an infinite repertoire. All you have to do is choose a dressing, but if you don’t want to get involved, it’s always good to know the combination of a good vinaigrette, the most versatile dressing, whose canonical composition we refer to below.

According to Julia Child, “the usual ratio of vinegar and oil is one to three, although each one must establish their own relationship”. The canonical recipe, the same one recommended by the cookbook of The New York TimesIt is two tablespoons of vinegar for six of oil (or a quarter of a glass). To make the vinaigrette, mix the vinegar with the salt (1/4 of a coffee spoon, if we follow the previous proportions) and the mustard, if you want (1 coffee spoon), in a bowl, until the latter is dissolve. Then the oil must be added drop by drop, stirring so that the mixture emulsifies. After this, a pinch of freshly ground black pepper should be added. Another way to prepare the vinaigrette, which Child also points out, is to put all the ingredients in a screw-on jar and shake them vigorously for 30 seconds to mix them well.

Although the composition of salads is infinite, here are a few specific ideas:

Vegetable and vegetables

Recipes against heat Avocado, strawberry and mozzarella salad

With fruit

Heat4 Roasted chicken salad with raspberries

With meat and fish

Quinoa salad Quinoa salad with zucchini, olives, jalapeños and flaxseed

From legumes, grains and cereals

Cook steamed, in a pressure cooker and on the low-fat grill

The dishes cooked steamed, in a pressure cooker and on the grill they digest better, something very necessary in summer. A steamed fish or vegetable falls better on the stomach than slices of hake in batter and fried or vegetables stuffed with cheese and, needless to say, than meats per se. In hot weather it is advisable to cook lightly and choose low-fat products, something that will not only be appreciated by the digestive system but also by our scale.

Recipes to beat the heat Smashed potatoes with paprika and garlic butter

Vegetables and greens

Recipes against heat Steamed mussels “de La Vera”

Fish and shellfish

Recipes against heat Galician octopus in pressure cooker
Recipes against heat Arepas Reina Pepiada

Blackouts in summer: this is what you should do to prevent them

And a little bit of meat

Spicy food

Recipes against heat Shrimp stuffed avocados

It may come as a surprise, but (like hot drinks) spicy food helps regulate body temperature. The spicy stimulates the thermosensors of the mouth, makes us feel more heat and, therefore, we sweat more. If we wear suitable clothing with which to evaporate sweat, our body will appreciate it and we will better fight the heat.

Soups and cold creams and gazpachos

Heat11 Traditional vichyssoise

As we have mentioned in salads, soups and cold creams and gazpachos They are the most popular preparations in hot weather and not only because of how easy and simple they are to prepare, but because they are loaded with water and vitamins. With high temperatures our body is crying out for us to drink and water is our best option. Let’s take advantage of what fruits and vegetables contain by transforming them into nutritious soups and cold creams and gazpachos.

Cold soups

Recipes against heat Cordovan salmorejo
Recipes against heat Cold cream of zucchini and avocado

Cold creams

Recipes against heat Cantaloupe Gazpacho


Recipes against heat Cherry and yogurt ice cream

Sorbets, popsicles and fruit ice creams

Fighting the heat with food does not mean puffing up on ice creams packed with calories and sugars, even if the feeling of freshness they produce is magnificent. Fortunately there are light alternatives and those with high water and fruit content, such as popsicles, sorbets and fruit ice creamsThey are the most recommended to withstand high temperatures.

Recipes against heat Creamy banana ice cream