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101 easy, inexpensive and delicious egg recipes

22 mayo, 2021

It is very likely that if we do a survey on whether or not you like the egg, the majority answer will be yes. The egg it is one of the most popular and versatile foods we can count on in our kitchens. It is valid for both salty and sweet recipes, it is quick and easy to cook (at least in its most common forms), inexpensive … shall we continue?

For many, a cupboard is not complete if there are no eggs in it. A fetish ingredient that we have written about on many occasions and that we never tire of talking about. Even less when it comes to cooking. For all this it seems to us that it is time to pay him a proper tribute in the form of a compilation with 101 easy, inexpensive and delicious egg recipes. We will be able to cook eggs for more than three months without repeating a single recipe. Oh yeah.

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How much trouble did he get the egg from us! Having a few units at home, dinners are fixed in the blink of an eye. In form of scrambled, hard, fried egg, in an omelette and much more. Versatility is its greatest feature and the main reason for its popularity.

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Eggs in frittata

broccoli fritatta with aromatic herbs Broccoli fritatta with aromatic herbs

Italians cook the egg in frittata. It is very reminiscent of our tortillas, but with the difference that the frittata is finished in the oven, inserting the pan under the grill. If you have never tried a frittata, it may be time for it so we are going to give you a few ideas with which to debut.

Similar to our potato omelette is the potato, feta and pesto frittata, whose recipe we leave you below.

Frittata Pesto

We peel the potatoes and cut them into thin wheels of approximately half a centimeter. We fill a saucepan with water and put it on the fire. When it starts to boil, season and introduce the potato. Cook for five minutes or until the potato is tender. We drain well so that there are no traces of water and let it temper for a few minutes. Meanwhile we peel the garlic clove and finely chop it, add it to the eggs, which we will have in a deep bowl and beat well. Add the drained potato and 150 g of the chopped feta cheese. Season to taste, but generously, and curdle in a pan greased with oil for five minutes. Put in the oven, preheated to 200 ºC, and finish curdling for 10-15 minutes. If our pan has a removable handle, we remove it when placing it in the oven. If this is not the case, like the one you see in the step-by-step images, we wrap the handle well with aluminum foil so that it does not burn and that’s it. We serve the frittata with the pesto and the rest of the feta cheese spread over the surface.

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The use of potatoes makes this frittata more consistent than other vegetable-based frittata such as the broccoli frittata with aromatic herbs or the spinach frittata, portobello mushrooms and Manchego cheese. Supports all kinds of ingredients so our imagination is the only limit that fritatta knows.

Baked eggs

Dried tomato and Parmesan cheese flans Dried tomato and Parmesan cheese flans

It may not be the fastest way to cook the egg, but the oven allows us to show off with little effort. If we use small casseroles, we can prepare the flans of dried tomatoes and Parmesan cheese, the eggs in cocotte with tomato and goat cheese and the easy souffle of Emmental cheese with Serrano ham. Three recipes with which to take this humble ingredient to another category.

But they are not the only ones, because the same happens with the eggs on the plate with sobrasada, the baked eggs with false ratatouille and Provolone, with the two cheeses, with old clothes, on the plate without a plate, in a Serrano ham casserole, in a tartlet or to the planter. What are some recipes of those that we like to describe as minimal effort. but maximum brilliance.

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Stuffed eggs

deviled eggs Deviled eggs

Cook the eggs, remove their yolks to combine them with other very tasty ingredients and make a powerful charade to fill them with It is one of the ways to prepare the egg that you like the most. Deviled eggs are present on countless celebratory tables and are perfect for a cold buffet, to take on a picnic and much more.

Maybe the more classic way to fill them is with bonito and mayonnaise, but it is not the only one. It is true that fish is great for them, which is why eggs stuffed with tuna puree and those with cod and pepper pâté are so popular. Also the black eggs stuffed with tuna, surimi and prawns whose staging is so striking that no one forgets them.

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Eggs in skillet

Skillet of Potatoes, Eggs and Avocado Hash Skillet of Potatoes, Eggs and Avocado Hash

There’s a lot traditional egg recipes that are prepared in a pan and that we could well nickname “sartenadas”. Sometimes the eggs are added to a sauce or vegetable mixture that has been previously cooked in the pan and cooked in the heat of the same. Nobody will tell us anything if we bring to the table a pan of vegetables and eggs, potatoes, eggs and avocado hash, or eggs in the Basque-French style.

Carlist eggs are prepared in a pan, also known for overcast eggs, which are a real scandal. Fried or grilled eggs, covered with béchamel sauce, breaded and fried. Caloric, yes, but well deserving of a specific tribute. More traditional are truffled eggs garnished with straw potatoes, pisto a la bilbaína and Riojano.

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Eggs in omelette

Microwave potato omelette Microwave potato omelette

There are many ways to make tortilla, but where the omelette all the others are removed. Whether it’s the classic potato omelette with onion recipe, the express potato omelette recipe with potato chips or the microwave potato omelette, the basic version is always a hit.

However, as is often the case with all classics and successful recipes, versions do not take long to appear. And among them we find recipes as original as the Sacha Hormaechea potato omelette for foreigners, the potato and onion confit omelet, the individual potato and smoked salmon omelettes, the spicy potato and chilli, the light and the omelette with cheese.

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Eggs on quiche or savory tarts

Light tuna quiche Light tuna quiche

The quiche or savory tarts they are very easy to do. Starting with the classic quiche lorraine recipe in which the bacon gives it a touch of delicious flavor, going through the ham and cheese quiche, the vegetable quiche, the broccoli and blue cheese quiche, the quiche, as well as the tortillas, They admit all kinds of bumps and combinations.

If you we remove the dough and bake only the filling, we can get a light tuna quiche or one of cheeses without a base. We can do the same with the rest of the recipes, with the salmon and leeks quiche, the tuna with green olives, the light miniquiche with cherry tomato and Parmesan, the savory goat cheese and lettuce tart and many more.

Other recipes with egg

Scottish eggs Scottish eggs

In every compilation there has to be a mixed bag and this one starts here. Different from each other, all these egg recipes are easy, cheap and delicious. The egg as the star of a bacon and egg tart and a salty egg tart with bacon in which the puff pastry turns it into a sandwich di cardinale.

Recipes from other lands such as Chipa Guazú or Paraguayan corn cake and Scottish eggs. Classic creations cooked with new cooking techniques such as low-temperature eggs with potatoes and ham and original presentations in buns filled with cheese and scrambled eggs or in a glass, such as poached eggs with eel and prawns.

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Sweets and desserts with egg

Cheese flan Cheese flan

As we have mentioned in the introduction, the egg is a versatile food that has a place in all kinds of elaborations and sweets and desserts are two of them. In fact, Spanish gastronomy has great pastry classics in which the egg is the protagonist. The sky bacon, the Catalan coffee cream and the Chinese flan, to mention three examples.

But they are not the only ones, especially when it comes to custards. Goat cheese and egg flan, biscuit, almond flan, cheese flan, egg flan in a casserole and condensed milk flan. To which we can happily add other recipes that are not flan, but known to all: apple pudding and soletillas, snowy eggs and crème brûlèe.

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