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101 easy and delicious recipes

22 mayo, 2021

Who remembers when you could count on one hand the types of yogurt in the supermarket? Today yogurts and variants invade the shelves with thousands of flavors and varieties, the vast majority loaded with sugars or with confusing advertising messages. I wanna vindicate natural yogurtWithout further ado, based on milk and dairy ferments, a delight that goes beyond being a dessert or a snack.

Yogurt is in fashion for its healthy properties, but if it continues to triumph, it is because it is very popular with young and old alike. In my house, due to the Central European family influence, it has always been a basic product, whether homemade or bought, but always natural. It is worth investing in a good quality yogurt to taste as is and also to take advantage of it in the kitchen.

Tell me what you want from a yogurt and I'll tell you which one to drink

Creams, salads and appetizers

Pumpkin cream and yogurt

To begin with, practically any cream or creamy soup admits yogurt among its ingredients. We can incorporate it by eye when mixing and crushing, to soften the flavor or replace the typical cream, or simply add a few tablespoons when serving. It is very good both in hot dishes, such as a pumpkin and carrot cream, and in cold preparations, for example in this cold watercress and yogurt soup.

Natural yogurt is also a good pass to prepare sauces and snacking dips, presentations in glasses or dressing and complementing salads. Its texture can be combined with other ingredients, such as mayonnaise or mustard, and create recipes with a creamy texture such as the typical raita or Indian salad.


Vegetable dishes

Broccoli with Yogurt

When it comes to cooking with vegetables, yogurt allows us to add flavor and texture in many different ways, and also in a healthy and light way. A simple yogurt sauce well seasoned with herbs It can be the perfect complement to some steamed white asparagus, and it can also be cooked with them. For example, yogurt and spices completely transform the flavor of this roasted cauliflower with spices and almonds.

Meats and birds


Meats can also be served with a quick homemade yogurt sauce, especially those prepared with a good amount of spices. A good example is this Dukkah and Couscous Roast Chicken recipe, but it also makes a great base for marinating. Yogurt tenderizes drier meats, such as poultry, and helps to impregnate the mixture of spices that we want the most.

With very few ingredients we can have a delicious dish, such as these grilled lamb chops with yogurt and mint sauce, or we have the alternative of creating one very creamy and light mixture, like this Creamy Yogurt Curried Chicken, great for salads and sandwiches.

Breads and other doughs


As a dairy product it is, yogurt can enrich doughs of all kinds, also bakery. It is common to find it in Anglo-Saxon recipes such as scones, English muffins or biscuits, replacing part of the butter that provides the particular texture of these doughs. In this case it is advisable to always use whole milk yogurt, better if it is a thicker variety such as Greek, or strain it well to eliminate the whey.

In its lighter and more liquid version, it can be used as we would with milk or water in a bread dough, for example in this recipe for quick bread with chia seeds, flax, pumpkin, sesame and oats. And of course it is a perfect addition to fillings of breads, for example in a pita bread with turkey and yogurt sauce.

Biscuits and cakes


If we think of homemade pastries, surely almost everyone visualizes the mythical, traditional and infallible yogurt cake. Whether in its purely more classic version, using the same glass, or with variations, it is as easy to prepare as it is irresistible to devour. Who does not remember their mother preparing it or helping to make it at home for the first time?

But it is not the only recipe of sponge cake or similar dough in which yogurt plays a prominent role. It can also be used in the finishing touch, as the avocado cake with yogurt and walnut glaze demonstrates, and it also works very well in smaller batters like lemon muffins. In more consistent sweets, such as cake or cake, they lighten the dough to avoid having to use as much fat, as in the hazelnut, yogurt and cocoa bundt cake.


Spoon desserts and other sweets

Yogurt cream

Itself yogurt is already a delicious -and healthy- dessert. Adding natural fruit or homemade compote already rises a little more, and if on top we add several layers of colors, something crunchy, a few spices … It can be transformed into a worthy spoon dessert to serve to guests. These little glasses of yogurt and cheese with raspberry sauce or the chia and chocolate pudding with yogurt are a good example.

If we indulge ourselves for a special occasion we can broaden the spectrum with all kinds of more elaborate sweets and desserts. The yogurt combines scary with creamy cheeses in recipes such as yogurt and blackberry cheesecake cream, with vanilla creams, cream or with fruits and nuts. It even makes a delicious pair with it. chocolate, and these yogurt cups and two chocolates or the cold chocolate cake and Greek yogurt prove it.

Strawberry and yogurt cake

Drinks and ice cream


My life changed a little the day I discovered the lassi, a delicious typical Indian drink based on yogurt, fruit and spices. The yogurt and mango lassi or smoothie is an example of how this product is perfect to crush and turn into a very nutritious drink that allows us to play with the rest of the ingredients. You can substitute milk in a regular shake to turn it into a smoothie, as this will make it much creamier -and filling-. An example? This creamy peach and yogurt smoothie.

It is also one of my favorite ingredients when preparing homemade ice cream, either with a refrigerator or directly with polo-type molds. I remember many summers of my childhood directly freezing the yogurts as is, inserting a spoon through the lid that then acted as a stick to eat them.

Cherry and yogurt ice cream

Other sweet and savory recipes

Salty cake

Yogurt still has a lot more to say in the kitchen. To prepare pasta sauces, in savory cakes, as a bed for delicious Turkish eggs or in a healthy marriage with all kinds of fruits and cereals. There are proposals for all tastes:


Spotlight: lactose-free, protein-rich milk and yogurt

Breakfast, snacks, lunch, snack, dinner … it is clear that yogurt can give a lot of itself in the kitchen. Homemade or bought, if it is of good quality and natural, it is worth taking advantage of the large formats and always having a good quantity in the fridge: Yogurt can be used in many ways. Do you usually use it for cooking?