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10 sweet recipes with piloncillo

30 mayo, 2021

Mexican sweets and drinks wouldn’t be the same without him piloncillo. This ingredient, made basically of brown sugar, is the magic touch to prepare delicious recipes, like the ones that we will show you later.

Do you want to know more about piloncillo? Keep reading.

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What is it?

The piloncillo, by itself, is a typical sweet of the gastronomy of many countries in America, including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador and, of course, Mexico. It is also known in other countries such as India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

This is prepared from the syrup of the sugar cane distillate through a process of soaking, boiling, shaping and drying. Its flavor is light aniseed, because it contains impurities that give it its characteristic flavor.

Piloncillo is a typical sweet in many places in America.

A little history

According to historical data, with the arrival of sugarcane in Colombia in 1538, the sugar mills also began to emerge; that is to say, the rustic machinery to make piloncillo.

It is said that for its production black slaves brought from Africa were used, since the American Indians did not have the strength to withstand the inclemency of work and the tropical climate.

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Some curiosities

  • The piloncillo has many names throughout America: panela, sweet pepa, raspadura, bundle of candy, tapa of candy, breaded, raspadura de guarapo, panocha and chanaca, among others.
  • It takes around 10 tons of sugarcane to obtain a brown sugar cane.
  • It is a natural sweetener, without added chemicals.

Did you know? The conical shape of the piloncillo is due to the fact that it is dried in glass glasses, the same as those of the candle holders.


  • It is rich in vitamin B1, which helps to carry out mental processes and as a treatment for depression.
  • Its vitamin B2 keeps the immune system healthy and also helps restore tissues.
  • It also has vitamin B6, necessary for the health of the nervous system.
  • As if that were not enough, it is also rich in vitamin C, essential to protect the body from oxidation.
  • Contains copper, a component that reduces the risk of anemia and osteoporosis.
  • Its magnesium regulates blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • It is also used as an expectorant in some infusions to treat coughs.
  • Finally, it is a rich source of energy.

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