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10 recipes with rice to pamper your family

26 mayo, 2021

Do you want new recipes with rice to pamper your family? We share the easiest and richest to make, and have a great variety of dishes.

What is rice and how did it come about?

The rice is the seed belonging to the plant Oryza Sativa, which is a cereal considered a staple food in many cultures; It is the second most produced cereal in the world, the first being corn, but this is the most important in human nutrition and the source of a fifth of the calories consumed in the world.

The origin of this cereal has generated a great dispute, since there is no doubt that it comes from Asia, but the precise place from which it was extracted from the debate between the two giants China and Japan but, despite so much conflict, the transition of grain in China has been verified through morphological studies.

The evolution of the harvest to the domestic cultivation of the cereal, thus reaching the conclusion that it actually arose in southern China.

When this cereal began to emerge, its collection was essential for the survival of the Chinese people, but its collection later changed to become a family crop; later they discovered new varieties of this cereal that they could grow and consume as well.

During ancient Europe, there was the idea that rice came from Egypt, but it was first known in Greece thanks to a military expedition to Asia, in this way it was how from Greece it spread to Rome and Germany, thus becoming in a short time in a very popular grain on this continent.

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After this it was only a matter of time before it reached the United States and became popular. Rice arrived in Latin America and Central America thanks to the European conquerors, especially the Spanish, and that is how the Latin American soil began its cultivation.

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Cereal varieties

The most consumed varieties are:

  • Round rice: It is homogeneously cooked, absorbs the flavor of the food it accompanies and is used to prepare paella, rice dishes and stews.
  • Steamed rice: It is subjected to a steam treatment with water, which gives it its characteristic golden hue; It is rich in fiber and minerals and is also used for paellas, salads, rice dishes and side dishes.
  • Basmati rice: Its grain is long and is characterized by its particular fragrance and flavor, it can be eaten cooked or steamed, when it is ready to be eaten it sponges and usually gives off an aroma similar to that of walnuts. Thanks to its particular flavor, it goes very well with salads and garnishes. It is native to India and Pakistan
  • Integral rice: This rice is not treated, so it preserves the bran that surrounds it and is usually very rich in fiber and other nutrients. Its color is darker than other rices and requires a little more time to cook than white; it is usually slightly harder when chewing.
  • Wild or wild rice: Originally from Canada, this dish is actually aquatic herbs, its grains are narrow and dark, highly perfumed and rich in fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins; requires a long cooking time. When cooked it can be done alone, but to eat it it is advisable to mix it with other foods, such as other rice dishes. When fried, it explodes like popcorn.
  • Red rice: It is very popular in Chinese cuisine and medicine, as it provides numerous health benefits; It does not go through the milling process, so it retains a layer of bran that contains nutrients and fiber. When you eat it it will taste nutty.
recipes with rice

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Tips to get the most out of the grain

  • The grains should not be gnawed or split; always whole and clean of impurities.
  • Store it in airtight jars, in dry and cool places, isolated from the ground.
  • Use it maximum in the first year.
  • Brown rice and rice mixes have a shorter shelf life.
  • Before cooking, check that it is free of impurities and avoid washing it, as this causes it to lose water-soluble nutrients, mineral salts and starch.
  • The cooking water should be boiling when you add it and during cooking.
  • Don’t stir it during cooking, just add it evenly. Stirring it can cause the pimples to split.
  • To obtain a good paella it is necessary to use large and shallow containers so that the rice cooks in its entirety.

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Recipes with rice

Discover the great variety of dishes that you can make with this incredible food, since, in addition to being delicious, it provides great health benefits that you will love.

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