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10 foods that improve blood circulation

26 mayo, 2021

A bad blood circulation it can affect our quality of life in many ways. Excessive tiredness, cold and swollen feet, tingling sensations, pain in the limbs, and pricking are some of the symptoms of this problem.

The most common causes are bad habits such as alcohol consumption, smoking, a diet based on foods with saturated fats and a sedentary lifestyle.

Although also, poor circulation can be due to a high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, obesity and being overweight, stress and even hereditary factors.

If you recognize yourself with this problem, here we share 10 foods so that your blood circulates better and you feel very good.

Eye: remember that you should consult your doctor if the problem persists.

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Foods to improve blood circulation



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It is a natural anticoagulant that helps blood circulate better in the vessels, reducing the viscosity of the blood.

How to consume it: take 1 crushed raw clove a day.

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Blueberries for circulation


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They are very rich in antioxidants that, together with vitamin C, help improve venous tone.

How to consume them: eat 1 handful a day, alone or in salads or smoothies.

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Horse tail

horsetail tea

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It is rich in silicon, a mineral necessary for the formation of collagen and, therefore, the maintenance of the vascular walls.

How to take it: prepare 2 cups of infusion a day.

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Improve your circulation with turmeric

Turmeric benefits

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This root is anti-inflammatory with great antioxidant power, which counteracts the damage of free and toxic radicals that are in the body.

How to take it: consume 2 slices of fresh root a day. It can be in an infusion or a drink. You can also add it to your meals.

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Its frequent consumption helps to mobilize energy and activates blood circulation by fluidizing it.

How to consume it: consume it fresh or dry in sauces or drinks.

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Lemon is great for circulation

green lemons with leaves

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The vitamin C in lemon is involved in the formation of collagen and elastin, proteins that influence the capillary wall.

How to drink it: drink the lemon juice in a glass of water in the morning. For best results, grate some of the peel for more antioxidants.

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It is the best cereal to tone the spleen, which governs the blood vessels and allows the blood to circulate correctly.

How to consume it: take 1 or 2 servings a week as cereal.

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Castile nuts

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In addition to having omega-3, necessary for its anti-inflammatory effect, walnuts provide vitamin B3, which promotes circulation and venous return.

How to eat them: consume 1 fist a day.

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Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds

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They have essential amino acids necessary for the maintenance of capillary structures and antioxidants.

How to eat them: 1 tablespoon a day is enough. You can serve them in salads or as a snack.

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Wheat germ benefits

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It has a flavonoid called rutin, which acts in synergy with vitamin C and protects the wall of the capillaries.

How to eat it: consume 2 or 3 servings a week.

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