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10 easy food recipes to prepare for your children

30 mayo, 2021

Back to school is just a few weeks away and the little ones in the house couldn’t be more excited. For your preparation to be complete, nothing better a healthy diet and you are 10 easy recipes and delicious especially for them.

You too get a 10 and prepare these easy recipes for your children, which with their ingredients provide them with the necessary nutrients for their growth and development. Take note!

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Feeding tips for back to school

Get a 10 out of these easy recipes!

Be their example

There is nothing better for a child to learn to eat healthy than the example of mom and dad. If one eats in a balanced way at home, so it has to be for everyone else.

Physical activity after every meal

If school is not far from your home, try to get out early and walk there. Similarly, after lunch they can practice some exercise and after dinner, do light physical activity.

Don’t miss breakfast

For a child to perform at their best in school, breakfast is vital and they must dedicate the necessary time so that they do not eat in a hurry or worse, stop eating! This step in your day-to-day life cannot be skipped.

Make it part of your eating plan

Let your child accompany you to the supermarket and choose between the two of you what to eat. This will make you feel more special at each meal and improve your appetite.

Try new foods

Varying your diet is one of the best ways to take advantage of nutrients and so that children do not get bored with food.

Make their lunch fun

Change the presentation of your meals, making them fun, with creative and colored figures.

Take care of hygiene

Get your child into the habit of washing his hands before eating, and teach him that it is important to do so at school, too.


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