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10 easy and delicious cold pasta recipes

29 mayo, 2021

They say that every ideal meal is accompanied by a delicious pasta. Whether as a garnish or as a main course, they are always a pleasure to eat. That is why we share with you these 10 cold pasta recipes, very easy and exquisite.

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Get the perfect pasta

Four steps separate you from the term “al dente”. Put them into practice, now!

The exact amount is essential: one liter of water for every 100 g. If your pot is not that big, a drizzle of oil will help remove the excess starch.

Add the salt when the water boils, not before: 10 g for every 100 of pasta. Prefer the grain and, if you want, onion and spices, such as oregano, thyme or basil.

Add the pasta and keep the temperature all the time. Stir only once, the bubbling of the boiling water maintains the movement without stirring.

It will be ready after the cooking time passes and when you remove it, you will notice the lower part of a different tone (if you bake it, reduce the process by 5 minutes). Drain and prepare as directed by your recipe.


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100 g of pasta contains a maximum of 75 g of carbohydrates, these provide approximately 300 calories, which is translated as 15% of the amount that the body of a person who develops normal activity and practices some exercise needs.

A person can eat up to 100 g of pasta daily without fear of gaining weight, but this result is only possible when the pasta is eaten alone, natural, that is, without any seasoning or sauce that contains excess fats, since its caloric value is far superior and then yes, forget about not gaining weight.


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