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10 different recipes for Italian ravioli

29 mayo, 2021

Without a doubt, you should always have these delicious recipes on hand. ravioliThis way you will understand why they are one of the world’s favorite pasta.

History of ravioli

The word raviolli refers to all types of filled pasta that are commonly prepared in a square shape. Ravioli are a thin paste that surrounds a filling and that after boiling and served with a sauce or broth. The fillings are so different that they range from ricotta, vegetables to meats and vary by region.

As for its origin, an exact version is not known, but the most popular is the one that suggests that they arrived in Italy thanks to Marco Polo, who was inspired by the Chinese ravioli known as jiaozi or wonton, which are also based on of a thin dough filled in the shape of a small sack, so this preparation was adapted to traditional Italian pasta.

The second version about the invention of ravioli indicates that they are totally Italian and come from medieval times, since in a document written by Guglielmo Malavalle in the 1500s, a pasta is mentioned that corresponds to the characteristics of the ravioli that we know today. It is even said that at the beginning it could only be a variation of the stuffed lasagna.

Whatever the truth, there is no doubt that ravioli are a delicious representative of Italian gastronomy and that they are perfect to pamper all palates.

Tip: Ravioli are known to be done when they start to float in the cooking water.

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raw ravioli

Stuffed pasta takes 5 to 9 minutes to be “al dente”.


1. Cook the pasta with enough water so that it hydrates and does not stick. Always multiply the amount of pasta by ten times the amount of water: 200g of pasta in 2 liters of water.

two. When the pasta water starts to boil, add the salt. Use 1 gram of salt for every liter of water.

3. After adding the salt to the water, add the pasta. Make sure the water is boiling at all times, still with the pasta in it, and stirring constantly.

Four. How long should you leave it? Just follow the directions on the package, but keep in mind that the pasta will continue to cook when you add the sauce, so remove it from the heat a minute earlier than the directions suggest.

5. Drain the pasta, without rinsing it, and add it to a pan with the sauce you are going to use. Sauté it for a minute, stirring constantly.

Tip: If the pasta is a little dry, add a little of the water where you boiled the pasta. (Preferably save some before getting rid of it).

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