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10 benefits of spirulina you should learn

27 mayo, 2021

Keep reading because today in Easy cook we want to explain to you what the 10 are spirulina benefits. Get to know them very well, only then can you decide whether or not to add it to your diet.

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What is spirulina?

Spirulina powder

Spirulina powder. (Photo: Getty Images)

You’ve surely heard of her. Spirulina is a blue-green algae, chlorophyll gives it its green color and phycocyanin gives it the bluish color.

It became famous for having been used successfully in NASA as a supplement in the diet of astronauts in space missions, which is why it is considered a superfood.

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  1. Its high content of protein of vegetable origin allows it to be considered a nutritious food, easily digested and absorbed. In addition, it contains essential amino acids, which are not produced by the body, which is why it favors a balanced diet. As for vitamins, it is rich in provitamin A, which is important for the prevention of eye diseases.
  2. Its contribution of iron and cobalamin (vitamin B12) are necessary for the treatment of anemia.
  3. It contains essential fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6) which reduces the risk of developing diseases. cardiovascular, as it lowers cholesterol levels in the blood.
  4. It has antioxidant factors (which gives it its anticancer property), antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and strengthens the immune system.
  5. It contributes to the production of acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter), and helps maintain the myelin sheath, which has neuronal functions for proper work of the nervous system.
  6. It is a natural antiseptic and stimulator of intestinal transit, so it can be used in cases of constipation
  7. It contains phenylalanine, an amino acid that will suppress the appetite, which is why it is very helpful in weight reduction programs.
  8. The vitamins in spirulina allow cells to function better, such as those of the muscles, to have greater physical, intellectual and sexual performance.
  9. Due to its high content of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, it provides the necessary nutrients for hair growth.
  10. The antioxidant activity has an anti-aging action thanks to chlorophyll, retinoids, linoleic acids, vitamin E and beta-carotenes

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Tips for consuming spirulina


Different presentations of spirulina. (Photo: Getty Images)

  • It is recommended for older adults, people who follow a vegetarian diet, athletes, mainly. Although anyone can add it to their diet. The dose suggested by some scientific articles is 2 thousand – 3 thousand mg per day.
  • Whether you consume it in powder, capsules or tablets, spirulina can be used as a supplement within a balanced diet
  • Thanks to its satiating effect, you can take spirulina 15 minutes before each meal with two glasses of water, which could help reduce weight.
  • Now that you know better the benefits of spirulina on your health, do not hesitate to add it to your diet. Share this super valuable information with your friends, it will also serve them a lot.

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